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Alien X a Superb 3D shooter. You know the score - scientists on a space station have been dabbling with things that they shouldn't, something's gone terribly wrong, and you've been called in to clear up the mess - with the business end of your guns!

In Alien X , armed with an impressive graphics interactive setting, online players are tagged as young space cops who are tasked to find out why communications with the space research station were cut. The mission calls for the player controlling the young space cadet to explore and engage in combat with the mysterious happenings on the ship, all from a first person viewing, similar to that of Doom and Counter Strike.

Yes, web versions of first-person shooters have never been completely convincing - until this one came along, with its terrifying array of growling monsters, firespitting animals and robots that self-destruct if they get too close to you. There are only three levels, but that's still plenty of targets for your pistol, ion cannon and (in later levels) flamethrower and rocket launcher - and the giant fire-breathing chicken is almost as difficult as all the other stages put together.

The game is actually available for download on a trial basis or played online. While the trial version alone would entice a lot of avid players, especially the ones who have tried out the mentioned games earlier, this game is sure to be promising. Given enough time, it will not be surprising once AlienX becomes another game demanded by the avid players.

Controls: W, S, A and D for forward, back, left and right (you can reconfigure this to the arrow keys), mouse to look/aim, mouse button to fire, Space to jump, C to crouch, R change weapon, Escape to pause/ go to game menu.Tips: Use the "Save game" option when you're doing well; try to pick up every key as you go along as you need them all to leave each level; the flamethrower doesn't seem particularly effective at first, but you need to get in close to use it (and, ideally, circle your opponent from a position where they can't shoot back at you).


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