Heavy Weapon review

Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank is a side-scrolling shooting game developed by PopCap Games and released in 2005.

In Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank, the player guides a powerful atomic tank through level after level of opposing enemy forces. The tank moves only left and right, while its main weapon, a turret gun, can be aimed up and down at various angles. After blasting through countless enemies on a given stage, a boss must be defeated. Upon defeating the boss, the player visits the armory, where various upgrades and power-ups can be purchased for use in subsequent missions. The game's storyline entails about the Red Star (Soviet Union) invasion, and the player takes role as the commandeer of Atomic Tank to repel the invasion back into the main headquarters of Red Star. The main premise of the game is an anti-communism satire.
The game features a total of 19 levels/missions and two game modes (mission and survival). The game gives various, sometimes insulting messages when you press the quit button.

Normal Guns
Nuclear Bombs
Homing Missiles
Flak Cannon

The limited free version of Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank can be played online at various websites, including PopCap's own site. The full version, Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank Deluxe, can be purchased for a fee. An Xbox 360 Xbox Live Arcade version was made available for download via Xbox Live Marketplace on January 17, 2007. It features a full (four-player) co-op mode compatible with Xbox Live.


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