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A massively multiplayer online RPG with stunning graphics. MU has over 100,000 combinations of armors, weapons and defensive tools. Therefore, as you slowly and lovingly build your character, you will be amazed and overwhelmed by the majesty of your efforts.

As with many MMORPGs you select a character and fight monsters to gain experience. MU is populated by a large variety of monsters, from simple ones like goblins to frightening ones such as the Elite Yeti or Gorgon. Each monster-type is unique, has different spawn points, and drops different items.

Character Classes

The Dark Knight (DK) is the most popular character, most likely because of its focus on pure physical combat. Dark Knights have naturally high HP, great weapons, and the best armor. The

Dark Wizard
(DW) specializes in offensive magic and can kill from a distance. Although able to handle some weapons made for Dark Knights, the Dark Wizard's weak armor and low physical damage make it impractical.

The Fairy Elf (FE or Elf) specialize in long-ranged combat and defensive magic. Because of the lack of synergy between their fighting and magical skills, they have been developed over time into two separate playing styles. The Energy Elf (EE) focuses her attention on the Energy stat, allowing them to use monster summons and defensive spells.

The Magic Gladiator (MG) is a combination of the DK and DW, and can be unlocked as a new class when your character reaches level 220. The Magic Gladiator can run without the need of +5 boots, and swim faster without the need of +5 gloves. MGs receive 7 stat points per level, as opposed to the 5 gained by the three basic classes.

The Dark Lord (DL) can be created when your character reaches level 250. A Dark Lord does high physical and magical damage, and can control pets. Dark Lords also receive 7 stat points per level, and have the ability to swim faster/run without the need of +5 boots and gloves.

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Game Cheats

MU Online Unlockables
Unlockable Characters
Magic Gladiator: Get your normal classed characters to level 220
Dark Lord: Get any character to level 250.

MU Online Glitches
Safe spots in Davias
Outside the town of Davias, there are some safe spots. when entering these spots, you cannot attack or being attacked. It works as if you entering a town.
The coordination of these spots are,


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