Ragnarok Online II

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Ragnarok Online 2: The Gate of the World. The year 1000 L.C is approaching. One thousand years prior, a terrible destruction took place, and the world was saved by St. Lif, son of Baldur. Roughly twenty years earlier, a destructive war took place between Normans of the east and west, but there has recently been peace. Strange things have begun happening, however; the dark wanderers Dimago have awoken, and the Ellr have left their land of Alfheim to investigate the Mother Tree's silence.

General features
Ragnarok Online 2 improves on many of the original's features as well as adding quite a few of its own. Below are notable new features or changes that will be seen in RO2. Larger features are described in detail. Not all game features have been announced yet.

- Full 3D graphics, while retaining the "original anime style" of Ragnarok Online.
- Real Emotion Expression, allowing player avatars to show and express realistic emotions. This will replace the "bubble emotes" from the original.
- Anti-Theft Mob System, which gives benefits to a victim of kill-stealing instead of penalizing the offender.
- Safe Trade System, which enables two ways of trade. The first option requires an item from both parties (or Zeny) and the second option allows the trade of an item or amount of zeny without having to receive something in return.
- Killing one strong creature has been redesigned to be far more effective than killing multiple weaker enemies. Grouping has also been made far more beneficial to those in the group.


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