Pirates of the Burning Sea

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The game is set in the Caribbean in 1720 and will combine tactical ship and swashbuckling combat with an immersive player-driven economy. Players in Pirates of the Burning Sea create one or more avatars to represent themselves in the game. All avatars will be captain of their own ship, and will fight for a nation of their choice.

As the player moves along in the game the avatar will develop by gaining ranks (known in many other MMO's as levels). Through development the player can unlock new features, fighting abilities, and most importantly will be able to captain bigger and better ships. The maximum rank a player can reach is 50, and it is said that this can be reached through around two months of casual gaming.

After a player has chosen a nation, he will be able to customize the looks of his avatar. These will be alterable in-game and do not, therefore, affect gameplay directly. There are thousands of different combinations available to the player, who can freely specify each of the 14 different slots. Most items allow color customization to further personalize the avatar's look. The avatar's appearance is also based on level. The more impressive and intricate clothing is restricted to higher level avatars. Certain items, such as peg legs or hooks for hands, must be earned through completing higher-level missions.


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