Ancient Legion MMORPG marches out onto the iPhone

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Ancient_Legion_0Ancient_Legion_0DigitalFun has been working hard to bring its popular Italian mobile MMORPG Ancient Legion to the iPhone, and the English translation has just gone live. Check out the details right here on iPhone Otaku.

Ancient Legion is a best selling online WAP and SMS multiplayer, which boasts an impressive 15 million monthly visitors dabbling in the shallow end of the fantasy sword and sorcery online world. To get the game out to the iPhone world, DigitalFun evidently realized it needed and English translation (although it's still available in its native Italian, too), and after much work, the game is now ready and live on the App Store.

It's no small game, so we'll hand straight over to the developer to tell you all about it:

appstorelinkAncient Legion, already a best seller on WAP (more than 15 million visited pages monthly supplied) and SMS platforms, allows players to immerse themselves in a fantasy world, carrying out missions, evolving own hero, acquiring magic powers, magic spells, weapons and armours to compete against each other during challenges, battles and tournaments. It is possible, moreover, attending the chat of the game, mustering in clan and guilds and it is possible to communicate with all players by means of carrier pigeons.

The iPhone version of Ancient Legion is characterized by:

* the eye-catching layout, completely renewed for making the most of the graphic chip capability and wide display
* the introduction in a motion-picture format, preparing the user to the game background
* the chances to downloading and filing all Ancient Legion episodes
* the weekly updates to make infinite the game experience

Only the video production required months' work and the mobilization of tens of movie professionals, getting to be de facto the most complex video introduction created on a wireless platform. Once more the key-word is multi-platform. The iPhone users will have the opportunity to play and communicate with the current Ancient Legion WAP, i-mode and SMS users.

"Even now we have added an important wedge of a project that month after month expands continuously. I am convinced that this project is one of the most relevant goals that our artistic and development team achieved," declares Fabio Sarracino, DigitalFun Co-Founder and Project Manager.

"Ancient Legion is the first set of applications issued within summer. We are proud of being among the first companies to launch a massive multiplayer game on App Store, also confirming our leadership role in the italian mobile game sector," declares Fabio Viola, DigitalFun Co-Founder and Vice-President.

Written by Hattori Hanzo

The original report is Here


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