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Champions Online: Character Customization Preview

Champions Online is a superhero-themed MMORPG being developed by Cryptic Studios and slated for a September 1, 2009 release. Champions Online is currently in closed beta, and any features mentioned in this preview are subject to change prior to the game's launch. In our first mini-preview of the game's beta client, we will cover character creation and customization.

Creating your first character in a new MMORPG is always very exciting. Does Champions Online's character creation have what it takes to make you the ultimate superhero? Let's find out!

Name Selection

This is the part where players often fail in originality. Hey, it's tough to think when you're put on the spot! To help you in the first step of your Champions Online journey, we will provide you with some VE3D-approved names.

Purple Liberator
Platinum Boy
Fluffy Sandwich
Blood Badger
Lone Parasite
Fish Thumper
Napalm Jester
Tundra Sunburst
Meat Thong
Winged Rabbit
Lady Wrecker
Melted Hooka
Toxic Mage
Soup Medic
Pillow Burger
Crackling Anus

Alright, that should be enough to inspire you to superhero name selecting greatness.

Class Characteristics

What kind of superhero do you want to be? At this time you have 9 class choices at your disposal. Each class includes a number of pre-set statistics, such as Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Ego and Presence. "The Hard Target" is what one might consider a tank class. As a meat shield you come with full Constitution, Endurance, Dexterity and Strength; but you're pretty much dumb as a stump. Standard tank.

Next you go through your "Framework", which are your starting abilities and what you'll be able to choose from later in the game.

Create Your Champion

This is where the fun begins. Here we will provide you with a quick overview of your options, then move into a sort of "Frequently Asked Questions" style of Q&A to provide you with the answers to all of the things you really want to know about character customization!

In Champions Online you will be able to design all aspects of size, body, face, and costume. This includes height, muscle mass, body mass, neck width, bicep, head height, width and depth, facial expression, your body stance and much more. After you've created your dream physique, it's time to create a costume, the thing that will set you apart from all of the other super geeks in the game. A full colour palette is provided.

Head Pieces: Head type, headwear, hairstyles, eyes, eye accessories, mouth accessories, top accessories, side accessories and eyebrows.

Upper Body Pieces: Shoulders, chest layer, chest & arms, collar, belts, emblem, bracers, shoulder pads, arm accessories and back.

Hand Pieces: Hands and gloves, which include options such as skeleton hands, robotic hands, claws, tentacles, webbed fingers, alien fingers, and a large assortment of gloves.

Lower Body Pieces: Tights, shorts, skin and skirts, legs, leg accessories, feet, hips layer and tail.

Each of the categories above play house to a whole slew of sub-features and options. Now it's time to get down the nitty-gritty on what you can and can't be.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Will there ever be another me in the game?

We certainly hope not. Har! But seriously, there are so many customization options for face, body and costume that you'd have to try pretty hard to come up with an identical combination to someone else on your server. But, that's not to say that people cannot look similar. Especially those with little imagination. If you want to be unique then you should have no problem being so.

I like to stay in shape, and so does my superhero persona. Will I be able to have rippling muscles?

Indeed. In fact, to help you play the part of "Muscle Head" there's even a wife beater with your name on it (really)! If you're playing a male character then you will be able to create those big guns that you want. But if you're female, you're pretty much SOL. Except for calf muscles, which you can make freakishly large. Female muscle definition is very subtle through their costumes. If you crank the muscle sliders to full, then you can sort of make out a slightly tighter and rippled physique.

Rippling Muscles

How big can I make my boobs?

There's not a huge range in boob size, I would guess A-Cup to a B-Cup. However, if you create an overweight character then you can get her up to a D-Cup. Man-boobs are similarly sized. You can have big, beefy pecks or saggy, little wussling pecks. The choice is yours!

Can I have nipples?

No. You can see belly buttons beneath the skin tight costumes, but not nipples. Nipples would likely get the game slapped with a more mature ESRB rating.

You've covered boobs, but what about my man-package, my love rocket, my tally-whacker, my beef bayonet, my pork sword...

Yeah okay, we get it. Unfortunately, there's not much happening down there. Male Champions are limited to "Ken Doll Crotch". If your body shape is longer or wider, then your package will also be longer or wider. But ultimately you will be bulgeless.

Where's The Beef?

Any cameltoe?

Not that I noticed, but I wasn't examining the local poon as much as I probably should have been.

Look Ma, No Toe!

What if I want to go with a dominatrix type of look?

No problema, your studded collar awaits. Cryptic clearly paid attention to the wish lists of their S&M fans. In fact, I am starting to believe that the company is made up of perverts. With lots of leather and costume accessories that look like torture devices, you should be good to go!

I'm in the Navy...

Say no more. Yes, Champions Online does cater to the Gay, Lesbian, Homosexual, Bisexual, Trisexual, Asexual, Transsexual, Pansexual, Zoosexual, Polysexual, Pomosexual, Metrosexual, and Transgendered communities.

Uhm, I was actually going to ask about subscription models.

Oops! Sorry, no information on subscription models as of yet.

Whoa, hold up there sister! Are you making fun of the gay and lesbian community?

Of course not. I just mean that all of the tools are there, whether you are a cross-dresser with a thing for schoolgirl uniforms or someone who likes to either butch-up or get a bit flamboyant, it's all there.

Although I do have to question some of these options. Instead of your standard pair of superhero tights, males can select briefs, bike shorts, bike shorts with fishnet stockings, extremely short-short tennis shorts and the like. There's a similar theme going on with upper body costume. Come on, fishnet stockings? Really? You tell me whom Cryptic was catering to with that one.

Let's just say that if you want to play the part, then Champions Online will let you be the gayest gay superhero there ever was! Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Chains and Manties - Thexy!

Okay, so are you making fun of the US Navy?

Maybe a little, but doesn't everyone make fun of the US Navy? I blame the Village People.

Will I be able to accentuate my gluteus maximus? It's my best feature.

Now that I think about it, all bums are kind of created equal in Champions Online. If you're looking for a little extra junk in the trunk then you'll have to create a body type on the larger end of the scale. The Champions do have rather firm looking buttocks though. After all, no one wants to see cellulite in spandex, this is Champions Online not Redneck Rampage.

Firm Butt and Some Slight Muscle Tone

Can I be a furry?

Definitely, if ever a game was designed for a freak like you, it's Champions Online. In addition to being straight out hairy, you can choose fur as your costume pattern. From there, you will find a number of accessories to help you fluff things up. Bunny ears, whiskers, claws, a variety of tails (including cat, rat, bunny and lion), wings, fins and whatever else turns you on.

In real life people call me "The Butcher" because I like to chop people up into little pieces. What does the Champions Online character creation have to offer me?

If you are asking if you can appear evil in Champions Online, then the answer is yes. A great number of things can make you appear not-so-nice, such as a zombie head, skull, creepy clown makeup, goth makeup, a face without a nose and more. There are also plenty of creepy looking accessories which should please even the most sinister of serial killers.

Creepy Serial Killer Dudes

Can I be Super Nerd?

Sure, the fact of the matter is that in Champions Online you can be anything you want to be. If you want to be a skinny nerd then you can literally make yourself twig-thin. If you want to be an overweight nerd then you can make yourself all sloppy and floppy. I'm sure you will be able to find a pair of glasses and other head / face accessories to help highlight your nerdiness perfectly.

You've described CO as a big porno-fest. Kids will be playing this game!

There's no porn in the game (that I've seen!), but the characters are what you make them. If want to look sexy or slutty then the options are there to do that. A child would not likely make the same choices as an adult. Unless the child is a tween, because they're already porking at that age.

Be sure to come back next week when we feature a preview of the Champions Online newbie area!

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