Wizard101 a robust, somewhat free experience

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There are quite a few "free" MMORPGs out there these days. One of the best of these is Wizard101, from KingsIsle Entertainment. Wizard101 is targeted towards a younger audience (kids, preteens, etc), but players of all ages find a lot to like in this quirky, refreshing take on the fantasy MMORPG genre.

Players take on the role of a young wizard-in-training, specializing in one of several schools of magic. You meet the "big bad" of the game early on, in the tutorial in fact, and it is this threat that makes up much of the storyline of the game. Combat is turn-based and similar to that in collectible card games.

There are several "worlds" that make up the Wizard101 game world, each one typically based on a different ancient mythology. This leads to a fantastic variety in atmosphere throughout the game. Many of these areas (as well as other items) must be purchased in micro-transactions or by subscribing to the game. Gift cards to unlock these special areas of the game can be purchased at various retailers.

You'll eventually run out of big stuff to do if you don't start buying things, but there is quite a bit to do, including things like mini-games separate from the main quests, without purchasing anything.

There are special safety features, most of which are centered around the chat system, that endevour to keep younger players safe from unsavory individuals. Even the naming scheme is controlled by the game; player and pet names must be created using pre-selected lists.

The restrictions in place to protect younger players shouldn't turn away older players. The game is quite fun, and well worth the free download. It is a fantasy MMORPG that feels different from all the other fantasy MMORPGs out there.

By :Cecil Adkins
Source :http://www.examiner.com/


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