5 Free MMORPG Games Under 1 Gig in Size

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These free mmorpg games all have such a small file size download that players can try them all.

1. Wind Slayer

This 2D fantasy from Outspark has a side scrolling game play. While a bit cutesy with the graphics there, the PvP has arena based and a major focus of the game instead of just a partial inclusion. There is a medium player pool of account holders and the file size for this mmorpg download is under 300MB. For the PvE (player versus environment) player there are tons of quests, a good many classes, several job promotions, and a sprawling game environment.

2.The Warlords

This is also a 2D fantasy from TQ Digital. There is a low computer system requirement to this game that allows it to be played on older computers. It sports a high player pool and the file size for this mmorpg download is around 600MB. The game is one that is plagued with bad translations and there are only two classes that can be played. However there is a good control interface and the level cap is quite high.

3.GodsWar Online

This 2D fantasy is from IGG and is similar to the Titan Quest RPG in that it is based on greek mythology. There is a faction based PvP in the game and has only a modest 143 file size download. There are many quests and easy controls, however, there are failing graphics. For those needing a simple game style with a theme that hasn’t been redone to death, this may be the right game.

4.Fiesta Online

The only 3D game in this group, this game is a fantasy from Outspark. It is bright and cutesy with a high player pool and a few PvP zones. It is just slightly over half a gig in file download for the mmorpg, at 574 MB. There is crafting and gathering in the game, with good progression in skills. There is only a few classes to start off though, and some players may find this restricting.


This 2D Diablo feeling vampire fantasy game is from Joymax. There is a low player pool but there is an open style PvP in the game. This too has just a slight over half a gig in download file size, at 566 MB. The translations are a bit scattered but there are dozens of skills in the different races to utilize. This really has a good retro feel to the game play and style, and fans of the old school Diablo will enjoy this one.

These five games are small enough to take little room on a hard drive so that the gamer can test them out and have something different to play. Try one or all, there is bound to be one that will catch a fancy.


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