Perfect World International: Age of Spirits

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At the latest E3 event, Perfect World Entertainment was promoting their fast growing MMORPG, Perfect World International. The game has currently been expanded to Perfect World International: Age of Spirits, where you can get the aid of spirits (that act as pets of sorts) that can aid the player in various ways.
I've been playing a little of Perfect World International and the game looks gorgeous for an MMORPG. While the races and classes leave a little to be desired, the game makes up for it with a huge world, nicely composed music and a big community. In the game, you choose between humans, the "untamed", and winged elves. You can choose six classes that include a warrior-type class, wizard, and archer as well as others. The game also has a very customizable character creation system which allows you to make a vast assortment of different characters. Characters change in look with various equipment, there are tons of quests and special can fly, swim, jump, double jump...well, I'll stop now. Just visit the Perfect World Entertainment link above for more

In the MMORPG world, people have very discriminating tastes, so while I like the game (though I don't play much since I'm so busy), all I can do is offer a few screenshots and a video to let you see if this growing MMORPG will be able to captivate you. The video is in the link below (since it looks best in HD)...and seriously, watch the video since the screenshots (shown on medium settings) don't do much:

By Roger Wallace



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