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BOTS is a multi-player online fighting game with a lot of quick-paced action. There is a multi or single player story mode, player vs. player mode and player base attack mode.

The community in BOTS is great. There is a lot of higher leveled people who allow lower levels to tag along just for the heck of it, and most of the pros and higher levels are very nice and willing to help new comers out. The forums are also nice and inviting and I recommend them to all players since you can get help with whatever you need there. As far as the guild system goes, it’s not the most amazing thing but the game is still in Open Beta. By the looks of it, some things are reserved for the Full Release which will allow guilds to go above their current capacity of 10 players, which will improve the guild system a lot.

The chat system gets very annoying, since there are in game macros that people can easily spam. They also need to update the profanity filter a little bit, and make the chat boxes a little larger. You can play either by yourself or with up to 7 other people. In a way, this is good and bad. Sometimes I would like to play with more people, but at the same time 8 people is plenty. It also helps reduce lag.There is no marriage system in this game, but there is a friend’s list system. The friends list, just like the guild system, has a capacity
of 10 people which gets very annoying.


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