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DarkEden is a Vampire/Slayer MMORPG set in the Eastern Europe that allows you decide if you want to control a vampire, or a slayer. The battle system is quite simple, left-click for normal attacks, and right-click for skill attacks. This is quite the interesting MMORPG.

There are two races The Vampires And The Slayers. Each race Has a Different appearance and Different skills/Abilities etc.
The vampires level up and become stronger by killing monsters and they get more experience points for blood sucking them when they are about to die.Vampires Use magic types like blood (which cost hp points pretty cool) and acid/poisons.

The Slayers are the big good guys you could say the humans. Slayers wear lots of armor and resistance items to beat vampires. Slayers have 5 Different classes that a player can level up in these 5 classes are Sword,Enchanter,Blade,Gun (Guns not bows and arrows) and Healing each class has its Own weakness as well as unique skills no group of slayers will be the same. Slayers Gain experience by useing learned skills instead of mainly killing.

Each Race has a level max of lvl 150 which will take some time to get to.
The races are at war with eachother slayers can freely attack Vampires and Vampires can freely attack slayers Regardless of level.

The gameplay is mostly Point and click with a good chat and Clan system.
The sad thing is though this game is 100% combat based if you cant fight you can barely move out of your spawn point without getting killed by a person of the opposite race or a monster. This game is also about leveling up and if your not lvl 90+ you cant survive in the better and cooler areas However leveling up is easy in this game (unlike other MMORPGS).

Slayers fight with a variety of skills related to the class they chose to become a master in. Swords have Cool Sleek skills Blades have Tough brute like skills etc.The skill visuals are very well done and look very cool on a good computer.


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