Delirium review

Delirium is a rotary shoot-out. Nothing too radical here for anyone passingly familiar with the arcade classic Asteroids, but without all the additional temptation of pressing thrust and sending your spaceship flying off in exactly the wrong direction. Plus, it's had a modern graphical makeover and now comes complete with a drum and bass soundtrack. Here, your gun turret remains resolutely fixed in the middle of the screen, fighting off various enemies trying to get close enough to sap your electrical life force, or something.Yes, it's good old-fashioned alien blasting fun, but (especially when it speeds up when the background changes colour) that also means it's anything but a walkover. Controls: Mouse to move turret direction, mouse button to fire, Space (or 1-4) to select weapon.Tips: The homing rockets are handy (and the "Bombs" spectacular), but the Lasers are the most effective against all the enemies, and the fact that one shot can take out several enemies can really increase your percentage accuracy.

Use the mouse to aim your turret at invading enemies. Press the left mouse button to fire turret. Press '1', '2', '3', or '4' to select a weapon. You can also press the spacebar to select 'next weapon.' Shoot enemies before they reach your turret. If an enemy reaches your turret, energy will be reduced. Game is over when all energy is lost. A portion of your energy will be restored after each level.Delirium Credits
Developed by: WayForward Technologies


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