Cosmic Encounter Online

A one to four player game where humans actually have their brains augmented with alien intelligence. As an alien with a unique cosmic power, you use a blend of strategy, cunning, and diplomacy o defeat or collude with opposing aliens and build colonies across the galaxy.

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Ambroid is THE GAME OF WAR. The idea of the game is to build up your squad base to look after your squad and get your squad to destroy other squads from other alliances, to get more land to make your squad bigger. The bigger your squad, the better your forces, the more chance of winning battles and so on.

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Varth | Arcade |

Varth : Operation Thunderstorm
Shoot all your enemies with your awesome weapons in this great shoot em up game.

Have fun !!

If you like this game you will love this one Red Plane

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Xiah is an asian martial arts MMORPG with four classes to choose from. The game is mainly based on combat and there are unique ways of developing your character.Xiah offeres a detailed 3D environment and a HCI (Human Computer Interface), which includes as game support level, convenience, and esthetic configuration.

Xiah is designed to give users the hitting feeling of console games, even from the initial planning stage. Another point of pride of Xiah is the brilliant graphics effects of martial arts, which make the user believe that he/she is witnessing martial arts movements in the real world. With Xiah, a user can feel the essence of martial arts through the thrilling sense of hitting.

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Wulfram II

In a place and time far away from where we are today, two intergalactic forces fight for control over a few strategic planets. In large antigravity hovertanks battle lines are being drawn. A commander controls mammoth spaceships orbiting far above the battlefield.

New temporary military bases are being built as the enemy is destroying old ones. The goal? Complete annihilation of the enemy. Welcome to Wulfram II, welcome to the struggle of your life.

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Well of Souls

Well of Souls is a multi-player Role Playing Game (RPG). It is designed to be extensible through a simple scripting language so that you can compose your own quests and share them with your friends. You can also customize your skin and contribute art and music.

The game comes with the world of Evergreen which you can enjoy by yourself or with others. Player-vs-player fighting is completely at your option.

If you're feeling creative, Well of Souls is extensible through a simple scripting language so that you can compose your own quests, and publish your own world. You can also customize your skin and contribute art and music. Plus, you can create your own guild and host your own server where people can play together.

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Water Margin Online

Set in the era of the Song Dynasty, character classes include Monk, Major, Taoist and more. Water Margin is a well known novel from China. Using real-time battle system, plus unique strategies and various skills from various occupations, you can make the game multi-perspective. The quest system was based on the true story,which would bring you extra satisfaction and excitement. Making friends,is the main point of this game. With the help of different chat channels, friends list, interesting emoticons and unique character dressing, you will experience the fun of online gaming.

As characters get to higher levels,it becomes harder to gain a substantial amount of experience in a short time. Players at this point can either continue to fight monsters solo or as the gameplay leads,join parties.Some players mob many monsters at once and kill them quickly with an area of effect skill.Other players kill extremely strong monsters slowly, leading to an overall gain of experience.

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War Rock

War Rock is an exciting military, multiplayer, online FPS that combines large scale vehicle combat, adrenaline pumping team combat and special ops close quarters combat all in one game.

The game is set in the midst of a civil war between the government of the Central Asian country of Derbaran and a rebel organization called the National Independence Union. Players select between the two teams and engage in battles using 20th and 21st century military equipment, including a large assortment of infantry weapons and vehicles.

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War of Conquest

War of Conquest a highly addicitive strategy war game with cash prizes. Develop your nation, form alliances, research technologies, and fight battles over resources and the mysterious orbs scattered throughout the enormous game world.

The longer you possess an Orb, the greater your prize winnings grow. Over $70,000 awarded so far. Players can purchase game credits, which can be used to give their nation special technologies and abilities.

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Vega Strike

Vega Strike aims to insert players into a large, dynamic universe with diverse factions of varying disposition to the player and to each other, and an economy model where trade, combat and exploration are all profitable.

Financial gains allow the player to buy upgrades and/or better vehicles, thus enabling him/her to advance into more dangerous and profitable missions. The player can have varying levels of relations with factions. Negative relations can form if the player kills some of a given faction’s ships. Positive relations can be formed if the player destroys ships that are part of an enemy to a given faction.

Vegastrike is an OpenSource 3d Space Simulator. Currently in Beta developement, the project, at version 1.0, is to be a generic space simulator. Current features include split-screen play, trading, exploration and of course plenty of shoot 'em up action.

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Unification Wars

Unification Wars is a free online strategy game with over 350,000 members. You are the leader of your civilization, and your goal is to expand the power of your empire by diplomatic or military means. Enslave all intelligent life to unify them all !

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Spaceships playing a sort of soccer-like sport. In UniBall, players pilot ships, which can pick up and hold a single ball at a time. Consisting of up to 40 players and up to 4 teams, the main objective in the game is to defeat the other team(s) by either being the first to reach a point limit, or by having the most points when an optional time limit expires.

There are two types of balls, neutral (white) and colored. Neutral balls can be picked up by any player, while colored balls may only be picked up by a player of the same color. Players of a different color can nudge a colored ball around the map, but this is extremely slow. If a ship has a ball in its possession, the player in control of that ship can opt to "shoot" the ball outward. This is done, for example, to pass the ball to a teammate or to score points. Ships do not have weaponry in any game type.

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Tribal Wars

Tribal Wars is a medieval strategy game where players take control of a small village and build it up by constructing and upgrading buildings. New players must select between one of several dozen Worlds and which area of that world their first village will occupy.

Tribal Wars is one of the most addictive and popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs). The goal of the game is to build an empire. Once you have built up an empire, you can then use your army to either destroy, or to capture, or to enslave online opponents and enemy armies.

Your goal is to lead a medieval village to fame and power. With your help the small village will grow bigger and bigger. The population grows, production rises and trade prospers.

But not only your village grows. Neighbors are also looking to expand their influence. Troops are being recruited, villages are fortified and wild axemen plunder and kill.

You will meet other players, with whom you can fight together in a tribe.

Your village grows bigger and soon the formerly small village will conquer other villages..
You can find more information on the different worlds here, along with the history of all the individual worlds. Each world is different in it's own way. Each has attributes that can better suit a player's wants or skills.

In Tribal Wars, your goal is to lead a medieval village to fame and power. You do this by upgrading your village’s buildings, gathering resources and plundering other villages controlled by players. The game is entirely browser-based and is free to play. You can play from just about any computer with Internet access, there are no downloads necessary at all. That means, even if you are not on your own computer, you can probably still play, even in an Internet shop or at a school computer lab, if the lab lets you.

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Trickster Online

Trickster is mostly point-and-click based; movement, combat, and many other commands are all controlled by mouse. The game is currently released under all its versions as a free-to-play MMORPG but with a Cash Shop feature, also known in game as MyShop, that allows purchase of in-game items through real cash/credit charging.

There are 4 classes of characters differentiated by their primary statistics. These classes are then divided into 8 playable characters, 2 under each type of statistic and one of each gender. Each character is associated with an animal and a profession, the former being reflected by a set of ears and a tail that are equipped by default on character creation.

  • Power Type: This type focuses on physical combat. It includes Bunny (female) and Buffalo (male) characters. On the second advancement, the Bunny will become a Boxer and will have skills that do focused damage on one target.
  • Magic Type: This type focuses on casting spells, both for combat and recovery. It includes Sheep (female) and Dragon (male) characters.
  • Sense Type: This type uses long-range attacks, as well as having bonuses with drilling. It includes Fox (female) and Lion (male) characters. On the second advancement, The Fox will become an Explorer, being able to throw certain items from afar and have skills which enable even more drilling bonuses.
  • Charm Type: This type gets special bonuses to evasion and defense. It includes Cat (female) and Raccoon (male) characters. The Cat will become an Entertainer after the second advancement, being even more specialized with skills that increase her endurance.
Anime themed RPG much like Maple Story or Runescape. Impressive graphics, skills, and monsters.

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Travian is a browser based MMOG where you can compete with thousands of other players by taking control of a small village and leading your people to glory and victory.

  • No downloads necessary, the game is directly playable.
  • You play with thousands of real players in a persistent ancient world.
  • Build up villages, wage wars or trade with your neighbours.

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Trackmania Nations | Cheats Codes |

TrackMania is more than a simple car game. It is a cutting edge blend of arcade, SIM, and puzzle game, TrackMania is set to be first in a new and unique genre of racing game that will truly bring the game back in gameplay and now it includes the Power Up! expansion pack.

That's not all! TrackMania is an addictive fast paced multiplayer Mecca, including crazy tracks galore, the ability to create your own track and share the experience, and a variety of fascinating competition modes. Open to all, Trackmania's network game is built to allow every player to participate, from the casual gamer with a low-speed connection to the hardcore gamer with a high-speed connection.

Smooth racing game with good graphics.

Play Trackmania Now

!! Cheat !!

Trackmania Nations: Electronic Sports World Cup

Unlock Pro circuits in solo mode:
To unlock Pro tracks win a Bronze, Silver or Gold medal in all
Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert tracks in single player mode.

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