Silkroad Online

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Beautifully rendered RPG set in ancient China. Silkroad is based on the history of trading in China along the Silk Road, a historical network of trade routes in Asia. There are currently five cities in the International version of Silkroad Online: Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan, Samarkand, and Constantinople. They are separated by seven sections: China, Western China, Oasis Kingdom, Taklamakan, Central Asia, Asia Minor, and Europe. Each different section has a different level ranges of monsters.

There is no fixed job on the Silkroad. All players can freely promote themselves to improve the growth of their character with no restriction. Changing from Merchant, Hunter, and Thief will alter the will and destiny of the player. The first experience a player shall have is of one large world waiting to be explored and shaken up; a constant progressing adventure.

In the game Silkroad, there are a number of unique monsters that are very powerful and similar to "bosses" in other computer games. They spawn in designated areas every couple of hours.
When fighting a unique, they will spawn their own monsters (champions, giants, and elites) when the unique's health hit a certain point. When killed, the unique monster will drop a good number of items and gold, depending on the level of the player who killed it.


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