Tibia is an internet game, a multi user dungeon with a graphical interface. Enter a medieval fantasy scenery, meet players from all over the world and have adventures together with them. Train your skills as a knight or become a magician to fight successfully against the dangerous monsters that terrorize the inhabitants of Tibia.

Upon reaching level 8, a player may choose one of the 4 vocations and be taken to the mainland. The vocations are the Paladin, Druid, Sorcerer, and Knight. These vocations each have advantages and disadvantages. Players, however, may choose to remain on Rookgaard despite being able to enter the mainland.

There are two types of magic:

  • Instant magic - Magic that is cast automatically when you enter the words of the spell (Example: Exevo Gran Mas Vis, Exevo Mort Hur, Utana Vid).
  • Rune magic - Magic that is cast while having a blank rune in your hand (Example: Adori Vita Vis, Adevo Mas Hur, Adori Gran Flam, Adori Gran, Adori Vita Vis)

Spells can be bought from the guild leader of each vocation (Knight, Paladin, Druid, and Sorcerer) which are located in most of the towns.

The power of spells relate directly to their Character Level and their Magic Level, more so the latter. Knights gain Magic Levels the slowest, and cannot surpass a maximum of 15; aside from being very difficult to achieve in the first place (the current highest magic level for a knight is 9), it keeps the Knight from becoming an adept fighter and magic user. Paladins gain it at a relatively fast pace, and the Druids and Sorcerers gain it at a very fast pace, gaining the highest among the classes.

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