EverQuest II

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Everquest II is similar to Everquest in that you can focus on killing creatures and gaining experience, but the games diverge beyond that. One of the biggest differences is the tradeskill system which uses tradeskill buffs that make tradeskilling more user-action oriented. What you do can affect the outcome of the items.

Many gameplay choices were made in order to stop old, sometimes undesirable, tactics that emerged in EQ. The boldest addition is the concept of "locked encounters". Currently a group or a solo player can set an option to lock encounters. When encounters are locked, the encounter becomes locked to that player or group, which stops kill stealing. Other players can not assist in the encounter unless the player who locked it uses a special "/yell" command for help, after which the encounter rewards neither loot nor experience.

To stop kiting, players in combat lose all their movement speed enhancements except the special "sprint" ability, which costs a considerable amount of power to use, although some classes have speed debuffs that slow the enemy, thus making kiting a viable option. Because certain player classes such as Rangers and Mages have limited effectiveness in close melee range, many of these players have discovered another method of pseudo-kiting by running backwards and firing a missile weapon at the enemy. The enemy lands fewer attacks, but can take significant damage depending on the type of ammunition or missile weapon used, and the skill level of the user.

Everquest II


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