HellGate London

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Hellgate London takes place in 2038, post-apocalyptic London. London has been invaded by demons from Hell. Up until recently, humans have had many champions looking to hold back the flood. Various real-world events are referenced in the background of the Hellgate story as averted crossover attempts. The Crusades were actually undertaken to fight back the minions of Hell, as was the charring of London in the Great Fire to wipe out the Plague. According to the story line, the famous Knights Templar were the keepers of knowledge on how to battle these demonic forces. Unfortunately, these heroes underwent a charring of their own at the hands of a jealous King Phillip IV, who hated the power they held in the world at large. While the Knights Templar survived as an organization, their numbers were severely diminished and were forced to remain in hiding to stay alive.

Hellgate London is a unique action role-playing game that has many elements that set it apart.
Randomization HellgateLondon builds heavily upon the core design of roguelikes by using random generation of maps, monsters, and loot to allow for a high degree of replayability.
Multi-Perspective HellgateLondon can be played in either a third or first-person view. Melee classes default to a third-person view, whereas ranged classes default to a first-person view.
Subscription Hellgate London can be played offline or online without a fee. Players can pay a monthly fee to gain additional content over time, including new areas, weapons, monsters, classes, quests, events, titles, game modes, and many other perks. Some of these perks will be available to non-subscribers as well.

The game will offer three different quest types:

Storyline - Special scripted quests following the storyline tightly and moving it forward. Key quests will be shared here, Storyline quests will be highlighted in orange color in the quest window for clear identification.

Template - Straightforward, built off eight basic formulas collect, explore, escort, infestation, hunt, traveltalk-and-do, use item, and operate object. Their primary function is to give players something to do while they undertake story quests.

Task - Generic quests believed to have more random objectives, given by NPCs out in the game world. Completing these quests increases one's reputation to unlock class-specific quests, as well as revealing new items and giving experience for new levels. Many tasks are in fact randomized, and the NPC may or may not appear in a given game. Some tasks are harder to find than others.


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