Voyage Century

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The exploration system is one part of the game which has a lot of content and a huge scope for the player to explore. The exploration system is the long, vast, ocean inside Voyage Century Online. Thus, the exploration system holds a large amount of the file. This is because the ocean is much larger than the land in Voyage Century, a more realistic figure compared to other MMORPGs which may have little or even no seas. Voyagers may come across islands, passages, and many other interesting obstacles while sailing the seas. Some of these obstacles are storms, pirates and even other players. The ocean is actually a scaled down map of the earth's oceans with some variations.

While any player can wield a weapon, the battle system creates characters that excel in combat. This system includes combatants on both land and sea, and also consists of pirates.

There are 4 ways to fight a sea battle:

Cannon fight

The normal cannon gives a balanced range of attributes, whereas others are more specialized - The howitzer cannon has the greatest firing range but smallest firing angle, the buckshot has the widest firing angle but low range, and the quick-firer has the highest firing speed but lowest firepower.


The simple process of ramming another ship to do damage. A ram must first be bought from the shipyard boss and equipped. Larger ships and faster sailing speed will increase ramming damage.


Mines have the potential to do high amounts of damage to massed enemies, but can also do damage to friendly ships.

Land Battle

There are five different types of weapons you can use for land battles, bare hands,swords, axes, falchions and guns.


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