Freestyle Street Basketball

FreeStyle Street Basketball is a fast-paced massively multiplayer online PC basketball game where players meet on virtual courts to challenge each other in a dynamic pick-up game environment, featuring cutting-edge music, fashions and gravity defying basketball moves. The game’s easy-to-learn controls allow players to master every move, from simple shots to crazy alleyoop dunks, using just four keys.

Gamers can play 1-on-1, 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 street basketball online against people from around the country. The game boasts an exclusive soundtrack featuring Lloyd Banks, Young Hot Rod and Sha Money XL and clothing and gear from Marc Ecko Enterprises. The globally popular FreeStyle Street Basketball has more than 30 million players in Asia.

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Ultimate Baseball Online (UBO)

Ultimate Baseball Online (UBO 2006) is the first video game to ever put 18 people on the same virtual field at the same time to compete for baseball bragging rights. Customize your own character traits and take the field with people from all around the world.

Build up to 3 characters through successful game play with teammates in Pick Up Games, Tournaments, and Leagues. Baseball strategy and skill are just as important as video game prowess in UBO.

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galactic imperia

Galactic Imperia is a web-based massively multiplayer strategy online game. It doesn't need any installation - it can be played from any computer as long as it has internet. Whether you are online or not, your empire collects resources and grows. Everything that you do is in real time. Galactic Imperia does not have turns or ticks, the action happens as it would in the real world.
The world of Galactic Imperia takes place far in the distant future. Starting with a single planet you will have many ways of making your empire the mightiest in the galaxy. Fight your enemies alone, establish alliances and federations, wage wars, colonize and expand economically - it is all up to you.

Thousands of real people will be opposing you in your conquest to the top. The goal is not only to get to the top but to stay there as well, while your foes are doing their best against you. Are you ready? There is only one way to find out!

* No need for installation, just start the browser and play
* Real time gameplay - no ticks, no turns
* Compete against thousands of players from all over the world
* Cooperate with thousands of players from all over the world
* Incredibly realistic battle simulator
* Deep and thoughtful game design, which continues to be interesting and thrilling even after many months of playing the game

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ELF Online


Elf Online features for a funny graphic and relaxing music, with specially designed character and NPC and humorous ingame system. "There is nothing you can't do" is the slogan of the Elf Online. Spurning the traditional gaming style, Elf Online creates a free and player-oriented in gaming environment enabling players to make their unique weapons and equipments specially designed for them.

Themed by the confrantation of the Imaginary force and the Evil Darkness force in the Dream Land world, the Elf Online provides a tricksy and relaxd game style with a creative and player-oriented gaming system. Jocose epic quest, risible pets, all kinds of strange shapes equipment, medal exchange system, prank system.

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World of Kungfu

World of Kung Fu is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). The World of Kung Fu is an immersive 3D online world based on traditional Chinese martial arts and mythology. There is no disc to buy, no subscription fee, and is completely free to play.

Based on traditional Chinese culture, the game takes place in a mythical land founded on the ancient Kung Fu moral values of justice and heroism, with game art by the famous Japanese art designer, Senri Kita. The game-art is drawn by famous Japanese designer Senri Kita, best known for her artwork in Samurai Showdown, as well as in other titles from SNK and Capcom. The game is already successful in China with over 6 million players in over 20 cities.

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Shaiya is a Korean Adult fantasy Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). Located on a distant planet, Shaiya puts players in the middle of an age-old blood feud between two warring factions: the Union of Fury and the Alliance of Light.

Shaiya is a land where many races dwell, and as well as a big stage where the game progresses. Currently, two forces - Alliance of Light and Union of Fury hating each other are fighting unceasingly in order to take control of the land. They often fight in the forts called Keep in the wild. However, the fighting in the forts is just a prelude. The more fierce battle will be Goddess Battle where players fight fierecely in order to win goddess' love.

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Kicks Online

Kicks Online is a free-to-play football MMO (massively multi-player online) developed by Entermate, one of the emerging brands of Korean online gaming industry. The game was launched on the Korean market in July 2006 and now has more than 300,000 Registered users.
Kicks Online adopts street football modes and rules.

Only through different tactics (such as various ways of passing the ball and fast direct-shooting) and strong teamwork players can win the match. The more you play, the more your character will improve his skills.

Matches can be 3vs3 or 4vs4 or 5vs5 and will be played on unconventional fields such as roofs, streets or factories. Kicks Online features realistic 3D scenarios and outstanding rendered action.

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Supreme Destiny

For too long you have waited. For too long you have pondered the significance of your life. For too long you have questioned your reason for existence. For too long you have sat alone in the dark, waiting for a cause that is worth your while to come by. This is it. This is your chance. Your one in a lifetime opportunity to answer to your true calling. It is there, waiting for you, right here and right now. The very source of hope itself. The seed of humble beginnings that will branch out into a stemma of tales about a hero’s journey. Your journey. Will you finally become a renowned hero? Ascend to join the ranks of the gods and goddesses themselves? Or will you die trying? Only you will know. Only you can walk the path of your ultimate fate. Do yourself a favour. Answer to your true calling. Seek your Supreme Destiny. You know you owe yourself that much.

Supreme Destiny is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Join new friends from all around the world to search for your true destiny online. Experience an epic journey from just a simple peasant into a famous hero. Never play alone again! Extensive character growth. Start your adventure as a Hunter, Berserker, Magician or Druid. Become the best of your field by specialising in one out of 12 classes. With 84 skills, 83 weapons and 34 armour sets to choose from, you’ll never end up with the same character!

A whole new world. Explore gorgeous lands with a natural environment filled with picturesque fauna. Taste the rain of a morning shower, hunt creatures in the heat of the day, dance with butterflies as the sun sets and bask under the beam of a full moon that illuminates the night – delightful pleasures you can enjoy every day in this beautiful world.

Advanced pet system. Raise an animal from a hatchling into a loyal pet, then ride on it! Taming a mighty horse, gruffly boar or a mystical unicorn may aid you well in your travels. But for the daring, you can pride yourself by riding a fierce tiger or even a mystical dragon!

Endless action. If multitudes of quests and dungeon probing cannot satisfy your lust for action, you can always engage in bloodthirsty battles with your enemies for territorial rights or duel with your comrades for the fun of combat. May the ultimate champion reign supreme!

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Irth Online

Irth Online is a virtual world in which players role play characters in a free form, fantasy-based storyline. Players join Irth's history at a period when a fragile truce exists among the far flung civilizations of the snowy Arcadians in the north, the southeastern swamps and marshes of Morbus, and the southwestern tropical region of Mezoteks - and determine the course of history for each civilization.

Irth Online's advancement system has a unique skill-over-time feature, allowing all characters to enjoy adventures together, regardless of experience level. Player battle and fighting include PvE (Player vs. Environment) and PvP (Player vs. Player). Opportunities for non-warfare gameplay are also offered, along with safe areas for peaceable players.

Irth Online is a new concept in MMORPG's developed by Magic Hat Software, LLC.

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Wyvern is an award-winning massively multiplayer online RPG (MMORPG) similar to a text-based MUD (or "Multi-User Dungeon"), but Wyvern also has a graphical view of the game.

If you make Wizard, you can create your own mods and game areas for other people to visit. You can use our Map Editor to create new areas, and the game is also fully programmable in Java and Jython. Using the Wizard developer tools, you can create your own weapons, monsters, treasures, quests, guilds, and more.

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Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst

Since its debut on Dreamcast in 2000, the revolutionary PHANTASY STAR ONLINE series has received 17 awards worldwide. Now the PSO journey continues on PC! Each player takes on the role of a Hunter on the Planet Ragol and ventures deep into lush worlds filled with mystery, intrigue, and powerful enemies. You'll battle in real-time and draw off the magic of more than 1,000 powerful rare items as you continue to search the planet for survivors of the Central Dome explosion, as requested by Governor-General Tyrell.

New Quests! Thirty three quests have been created from the offline portion of the PSO story. Visit the Governor-General and receive up to 15 quests, or get to the Laboratory to accept 18 quests that await you there. Customize 12 characters A new character named Momoka is introduced through one of the Governor-General’s quests. Also, new morphing technology allows you to customize your character’s face, hairstyle, clothing, and body size. Play from any PC Your character data is held on a server allowing you to play anytime from any PC that has Internet access and PSO Blue Burst installed.

Team Features Join a team and chat with other members at any time via “Team Chat”. The “Team Point Ranking System” allows you to compete and it converts undesired rare items into team points. 3D Battle Action Outstanding sense of realism where results of battles are determined by player’s ability and the parameters of the player’s character. Customize your command palette for simple, straightforward operations.
Items galore Collect and draw off the magic of more than 1,000 items throughout your many quests.

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Argentum Online


Argentum Online, an Argentine MMORPG, is an Open Source FREE 2D MMORPG, it has: guilds, magic, combat, animal taming, 21 skills, a huge world with towns and dungeons. Several races and professions.

Spanish MMORPG game.

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