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To use cheats, press shift, control, and ~ keys simultaneously.

A "?" will appear on the left side of the screen and you will be unable to move.

Type the name of an item, or creature to create it, such as "flawless goldfish". Be sure to use correct spelling.

Type "ascend " or "descend " and a number to change levels such as "ascend 3" to go up three levels.

Type God to level up 10 times

Type gold to receive 500,000 gold pieces.

Type levelup to level up.

Type fame to gain 1,000 fame.

Type experience to gain 5,000 exp.

Type fate statue to summon a fate statue (chance of getting 2 gem artifacts, or a boss monster).

Type magic anvil to summon a magic anvil (can boost your item's stats, or remove all, or do nothing).

Type heal to heal your character.

Type dumpmap to save the map.

Type Shrine of Learning to create a shrine that will either have positive or negative affects on the character's skills.

Type fountain of mana, stamina, wellness, or health to replenish.

Type either weapon rack, storage trunk, small chest or large chest to summon it (cannot be activated). --Thanks Aldoria for more cheats than previously shown.


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