Mobile MMORPG TibiaME gets an update

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Cipsoft has given TibiaME an overhaul. It's mobile's first MMORPG, and has over 30,000 players

The first mobile MMORPG, TibiaME from Cipsoft, has been given a huge update, the first the game has had in 2 years. We got to play the game more than a year ago but, at that point, it was clear that the ambitious online game still had a way to go before it was going to lure in many World of Warcraft fans.

The update’s most important addition is in the game’s magic system. Although magic has been present in TibiaME for a long time, the update will introduce a whole new spell system that should make battles ‘much more challenging and therefore way more interesting for our players’, says Product Manager Benjamin Zuckerer.

A new jungle island has also been added to the game, expanding the area of the world you can explore considerably.

Apparently, the last year has been kind to TibiaME, with a 100% increase in the game’s subscriber base. More than 30,000 players log in every day to play it. Sure, it’s not a patch on World of Warcraft’s 11+ million, but for a mobile phone game, it’s not bad at all.



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