New Korean Games Weekly Roundup

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Last week is an awesome week! Many Korea-based company announced their new MMORPGs or development schedule. During this week filled with surprises, we have met wave after wave of promising MMOs. Today we make this 'New Korean Games Weekly Roundup' for MMOsiters to have a initial touch with these games.

Heva Online

New titile Heva Online, developed by playBuster and published by casual MMOs expert Windysoft, announced official release on June 9th. GetAmped and Infinity are both the products published by Windysoft in Korea. Heva Online cost playBuster two years to develop and kept secretly during development stage.

Heva Online, a new online game developed by PlayBuster and published by Windysoft, was officially released on June 9, 2009. As a casual MMORPG, Heva Online had been secretly developed for 2 years and was only revealed for the first time by its publisher Windysoft, a famous casual game company in Korea.

The main concept of the adventure-themed Heva Online is to highlight its uniqness by adding skills and puzzles to the monotonous battles. To accomplish this concept, 3D maps and terrain oriented strategies are introduced into the game to provide the players with an enjoyable and colorful game system that is different from other games.

Pristontale War

When I saw the title Pristontale War for the first time, I could not help but think of Yedang's other two MMORPGs Pristontale and PristontaleII. Any difference? We are told this game is developed with awesome battle as center. But what down-to-earth will Pristontale War be? Nobody knows. Recently, Yedang unveiled 5 screenshots allowing players took a a glimpse. Pristontale War started recruiting tester on June 11th and planned to launch open beta in Q4 2009.,1.shtml


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