Perfect World shows Torchlight preview at E3

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This year, E3 was chock-full of new and interesting games, including quite a few MMOs. Games like MAG took the meaning of massively multiplayer to a whole new level. Final Fantasy XIV marked the return and reworking of a well known name. And then there was PWE's Torchlight.

Perfect World Entertainment introduced their MMORPG Perfect World last year. The game features beautiful Asian inspired graphics and stories. This year, Perfect World attended E3 and introduced a whole list of games that are already out, and some still in the works. Torchlight was one of the latter. Brought to you by Runic Games, the people behind Diablo and Fate, Torchlight will begin in Fall of 2009 as a single player RPG, then relocate online to become an MMORPG.

Torchlight was a calm and quiet village... until a powerful and dangerous magic ore is discovered, and the village is turned upside down. The village suddenly began to attract many people in pursuit of the power. Players explore various dungeons in search of treasure, magic, and power.

The release date for the single player is set for December 2009, with the MMO function scheduled to be added at a later point. Be on the lookout for this title.

Torchlight screenshot from IGN.

Visit the main site: (Click here)... although there is not much to look at here yet.

In the meantime, watch this trailer for Torchlight from E3.

by Yuliya Geikhman


Yuliya Geikhman said...

Hey. (: I've been browsing through my writings online.. just wanted to say thanks for actually crediting me and linking on this.

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