Titan Quest

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Titan Quest is based on the end of communication between the gods and humanity. The main character (whose name and sex can be chosen by the player) begins the quest on a dirt road near a small village named Helos. The town and all of Greece have been overrun by beasts and creatures (drawn largely from Greek mythology) that are terrorizing the countryside wrecking harvests, burning farms and olive groves, invading villages and cemeteries, etc.

After being sent on a mission to Delphi by the Spartan general Leonidas, the hero finds centaurs, satyrs, minotaurs, gorgons, and skeletons relentlessly guard the way and try prevent him from reaching the next village or town. This game style is continuous across the entire game experience, spreading to Egypt and Asia.

Titan Quest's multiplayer feature allows 2-6 players to play on the same server. To connect to a server, one can create a server on a LAN, or the Internet. The Internet option announces the server to a centralized pairing system run by Gamespy, which then displays the available servers to other players in a browser-type window, as long as the server and client's game versions are the same. The game does not have a direct IP feature, but players can play via the LAN interface (and thereby also via Hamachi) after establishing a VPN connection.


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