Wonderking F2P MMORPG

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Wonderking will be released in the Philippines and is expected to be launched anytime this year, 2009. The game would be completely free to play and suits all generations of gamers, both young and old. Set in the world of Esiore, the game comes fully with an interesting storyline. Barlon, the leader of the devils, has made an ambition of conquering the world. The devils got their ambition come true and the world is in peril.

Now, new adventurers are waiting for a Wonder King, which will shed a light upon their darkest days and bring back joy onto the world once more.
Wonderking online is a new 2d side-scrolling mmorpg
developed by Ryusoft. Get ready to see the future generation of 2d gameplay as Wonderking Online will take you to new heights as the game is complete with super charged features:
Pet system – Players may gain pets which will not only run along as they venture on, but also help them in hunting or even as simple as picking up items.

Travel System – Players may enjoy travelling in the worlds of Esiore as they can use multiple methods of travelling, including portals and mounts. Running faster would not also be a problem as NPCs provide potions that speed up a characters movement for a certain duration
Mounts – Vehicles add as another feature in Wonderking as players may use mounts to travel faster and giving each player instant access to their warehouse. No need for travelling back in town to store precious items that fills up the inventory!

Cooking – Players will also enjoy the cooking system since they can now brew their own potions to use on their hunting and leveling practices.
Siege War – The siege war is an essential feature of Wonderking as groups and clans can battle for rights and glory. Also included will be extra features on the said system, pushing for more anticipation on the said feature.
Housing System – Players may also create their own houses in the game, having their own personal spaces to decorate and put into good use. Players will not only enjoy on glancing into the decors inside their virtual homes but also use it as an extra storage for their items.

To get more information about the release dates and other tips regarding Wonderking, you may visit their website at http://www.wonderking.ph.

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