MagiQuest: a real life MMO(ffline)

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You begin by picking up a brand new wand. You listen to an old wizard talk about your upcoming adventure. Then, ready to embark on your journey, you approach an important looking tree. The tree presents you with a choice of a number of quests. You select one, then go exploring in a dark forest. You pick up many things along the way, and interact with various objects, but in the end you manage to gather everything you need to complete your quest. Whew! Now you can move on to the next quest.

Sounds like a typical MMORPG, doesn't it? You're right, there's nothing much different about this from any other MMO.

Except that it's real.
That's right, everything I just described is physically acted out, although with fake trees and wizards (then again, the virtual trees and wizards are not exactly real either). Thsi is the premise behind MagiQuest,the live action MMORPG.

For a fee, you receive entrance as well as your very own wand, complete with an infrared signal. This IR wand is what allows you to interact with countless things around you, from magical mushrooms, to kiosks depicting "NPCs," to, yes that's right, real people in costumes wandering around the "forest."

And in a backwards kind of way, MagiQuest plans on taking its real life game to the internet, creating an MMO (this time online) where the things you do and get carry over to the physical locations.

By Yuliya Geikhman


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