No Twilight MMORPG in the works -- apocalypse called off

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Last week, the internet was abuzz with news of an MMORPG based on Stephanie Meyer's hit vampire-and-teen-angst book series Twilight. Many were predicting much doom and gloom in the wake of the "news," while I'm sure many teenage girls were contemplating playing their very first MMORPG.

The website that everyone was talking about was this one, detailing a Twilight video game being made.

Turns out, there is no Twilight MMORPG in the works. While the site above does mention "multi-player," that's not the same thing as being an MMORPG. Also, not only is the team behind the game discussed on that site not developing an MMORPG, they're not even developing an official Twilight video game.

The game is being produced as an academic venture by a student of game design in the hopes of getting noticed by Summit Entertainment. The game's makers do not own the rights to make a game based on the franchise, but are hoping that Summit likes it enough to publish the game when it's done. As my readers may have guessed, I'm a fan of at least one other burgeoning MMORPG being made by a small group of folks who are passionate about their subject matter, so I wish these guys the best. It'll be interesting to see if they can get some positive attention from Summit.

It was really a big uproar over nothing, as careful reading of the website would have clued people in that there was no Twilight MMORPG and, in fact, maybe not even a real Twilight game, in the making. Perhaps people weren't able to read the details because they were blinded by Edward's pretty sparkly glitter?


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