samurai of legend

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Samurai are not born, they are created. Train to hone your body and skill to perfection. Fight to protect your allies and crush your enemies. Honor and live by the tradition and the Bushido. Build an empire and gain the respect of your peers. Do you have the courage, cunning and stamina to answer the call?
You Could Become The Samurai of Legend!

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Samurai of Legend would be a great game were it not for SamuraiAdmin, the Nazi Gestapo administrator that takes sick pleasure in screwing over players any chance he gets.

He goes as far as mail banning players for cutting and pasting comments to their friends, and he will ban players for transferring items within the game, even on a minor scale.

When approached for assistance with other rules violations, such as perverse language or racist comments, he is non-existent. I had one friend within the game when I played that reported someone who became very nearly a stalker, threatening all sorts of deviant sexual acts against this young female. What did Samurai Admin do? He talked down to the girl and told her to get over it! Meanwhile, he banned a player for over 37 years (I am not exaggerating that number) for admitting a rules violation and trying to make amends. For reference, the people who break the rules and don't come clean get punished with as little as a few days.

In the final analysis, the game is one with potential that is absolutely ruined by a died in the wool jackass of an administrator. he is neither fair nor objective, he'll take your money and screw you over the second he gets the chance, and nothing you say will make any difference. Better to steer clear of this one and find a role play where the administrators can remain neutral and fair.

Overall grade: D

Jamie said...

As far as the above poster goes... if you play the game, you should accept the rules as they are. Just because you broke the rules and got caught doesn't mean that everyone else will have the same experience. If you are cheating at the game, Administration will ban you, no matter if you donate or play for free. You should get over that.

I have been playing for the better part of a year now. I have found most parts of the game to be more than enjoyable. The gaming community with Samurai of Legend is what makes the game as wonderful as it is. There are a lot of VERY nice people who play this game, and SEVERAL administrators who make decisions, who are not only fair, but WILL NOT tolerate racism, or people messing with children. My kid plays, and I know of several other children as well.

Overall Grade B

Anonymous said...

I know who the poster who dislikes the game and I know why he does and he has every right to dislike it. The admins are a joke in this game and have done absolutely nothing with obvious racism and scamming. They fed people who give constructive criticism or point out a flaw in the game. Samurai admin is unresponsive or when he is responsive is completely out of line and will not listen to the obvious. Ive been playing for a year and had nothing but problems with Samurai Admin and the rest of the admin team, the only reason I keep playing is because of the great people ive met.

Grade D-

Nuntal said...

I like this game. Really addictive!!!

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