CrimeCraft is a third-person shooter where players can compete against others in teams of three to eight or against enemy AI. Experience is gained primarily through combat, but the game will also feature quests. The game will support several gameplay modes, including free-for-all deathmatch, team deathmatch, and a control-point modeA hands-on demo at E3 2009 also featured a gameplay mode called "Robbery", the game's implementation of capture the flag gameplay.

Quests in CrimeCraft can occur in instanced environments or require meeting a certain tally of Player versus Player (PvP) statistics. Players can set the difficulty of quests against PVE enemies, which will result in an adjustment of the quality of loot drops. Items and crafting are important components of gameplay. Players will be able to create clothing, weapons, weapon attachments and boosts. Loot will drop off AI enemies, as well as off the corpses of defeated players.

Players will be able to join different gangs the game, which are similar to clans or guilds in other games. Gangs will be able to specialize in different crafting disciplines.

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