Guild Wars

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Guild Wars was noted for being one of the few commercially developed games in the MMORPG genre to offer online play without subscription fees, its instanced approach to MMORPG play, and the quality of the graphics and play for computers with low specifications.

-The first campaign, Guild Wars Prophecies (originally named Guild Wars), was released on April 28, 2005. The Prophecies storyline is situated on the supercontinent of Tyria and revolves around the Flameseeker Prophecy, a prophecy made by an ancient dragon.

-Prophecies was followed by Guild Wars Factions on April 28, 2006, released exactly a year after Prophecies. Factions is situated on the southern continent of Cantha, a small continent based on Asia, which is separated from the continent of Tyria by a vast ocean.

-The third campaign, Guild Wars Nightfall, was released on October 27, 2006. Nightfall features the continent of Elona, which is joined to the continent of Tyria across a vast desert.

-Instead of a fourth campaign, an expansion pack to the previous three released campaigns has been announced to be the next release in the franchise. This expansion, known as Guild Wars: Eye of the North was released on 31 August 2007. Unlike the campaigns, the expansion is not stand-alone: it requires one of the other released campaigns.

Guild Wars combines aspects of action-based RPGs, online RPGs, and competitive multi-player games in a single framework. A player can participate in a story-driven RPG campaign just as easily as in team-based competitive arena matches. Players may create player characters for the co-operative Player versus Environment (PvE) story, or enter directly into competitive Player versus Player (PvP) with specifically designed characters. Guild Wars has been likened to collectible card games such as Magic: the Gathering because of the way skills are used in gameplay.

A player must choose a limited number of skills from the pool of available skills prior to entering battles, similar to assembling decks of Magic the Gathering cards. Players may consider a specific strategy for the area they are entering, or use a general skill-set up which utilizes synergies between groups of skills. When a team is formed, the strengths and weaknesses of player professions is also taken into account, allowing players to specialize into particular tasks and allows more complex skill combinations.

Brilliant graphics on an epic scale, choose armour and weapons then join a guild and fight grand battles.


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