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say allows you to speak to the vicinity
tell "character name" allows you to whisper to someone
shout allows you to be heard by all players nearby
me "action" can be used to express actions, like "
me laughs out loud"

Easy targeting:

Self: F1
Cycle nearest enemy targets: Tab
Cycle nearest friendly targets: Ctrl+Tab
Teammates: F2-F6
Once you've targeted yourself or someone else, you can press
T for more information.

Easy follow:

Once you've selected an enemy or player that you'd like to
approach, type:


You might also find it useful to create a macro icon for this command,
as follows, and place it in your shortcut bar.

macro fo /follow


If you experience a bug that doesn't allow you to proceed or escape from
a zone, then you can kill your character by typing the following:


GM petition:

If you require GM assistance, you can petition for help as follows:

petition X
A standard petition command might look like the following:

petition Help me, I'm stuck in Omni-1, and my character's left arm has
disappeared! I don't know where I dropped it, or that I could drop it.

Show frame rate - Ctrl+Alt+F
Submit bug report - Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F9

Take screenshots:

To take a screenshot, press F12. They're saved to the Screenshots folder
located in the Funcom/Anarchy Online directory.

Create macros:

To create a macro for a commonly used command like /pet attack,
type the following:

Macro pa /pet attack:

This will create a small, selectable icon that can be put into
your shortcut bar for easy use of the pet attack command.

Completing "live-with" missions:

To complete this type of mission, once you've found the objective NPC, simply
target him or her, and stay within the vicinity for a short period of time.
Registering the mission as complete can take as little as 10 seconds, and
has on some occasions taken us up to 4 minutes.

Creating implants:

Select the nanocluster you want to insert into the implant by left clicking
it, then hold it over the implant and shift-right click to combine the two.
You can then go to a surgery clinic to install the implant, if you meet the
requirements. Nano-programming skill is required for creating implants.

Team looting:

As team leader, you can select how loot is divvied up by the team. The most
common choice is alpha, where the spoils can be picked up by characters in
alphanumeric order. To enable this, type:

team loot alpha

Other choices include "/team loot leader" and "/team loot FFA"


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Fun strategy game Must play

Click here

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MagicDuel Multiplayer Adventure

The most unique roleplaying multiplayer game on the net

This game is not like the common 'click to advance' type of games, is not similar to any game you ever played, so please take your time and have an open mind to new gameplay concepts. We greatly value your time spent here therefore the depth and overall game experience level for the active players and at deeper game stages is our main concern. This is a game of strategy, magic and adventure that will require daily play over very long periods of time without getting boring. New things are added daily, no player character is the same.

Main features:

* No download - Browser game - 2D
* Unique gameplay introducing new gaming concepts
* Creature fights, fantasy world, weapons, collectible items, magic casting
* Realtime PvP fights, alliances, multiplayer spells, live chat
* Interactive story - choose your destiny!
* Unique combination of adventure, roleplaying and tactics
* Huge lands to explore in a way you never imagined
* Each character becomes unique based on the player choises and play
* Way of play changes several times as you progress
* Free to play!

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With the Galactic War still raging a fleet of refugees set out to find a new home amongst the stars. Their destination unknown they left their war torn galaxy to cross the vast distances of space. In time they reached a new galaxy, their Chosen Space...

About the Game
Chosen Space is a Free Browser based Space Trading & Combat MMORPG (Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) Created by Torin Solo the designer of Galactic Fleets With Player feedback helping the Game grow and evolve 100% Free with no in game Advertising

-Open Gameplay: Play however you want to play
-Explore: 30+ Systems & 5,000,000+ Grids of Space
-Role-Playing: Wars, Vendettas, Allegiances, Trading Partners
-Government: Run for President or become an Emperor
-Clans: Fleets, Alliances, Guilds, Federations & Secret Orders
-Bounties: Hunt using Informants and following Ion Trails
-Starships: 100+ Starships from Mining Ships & Freighters to Capital Ships
-Ship Yards: Design and Build your own Starships to suit your playing style
-Upgrades: 50+ System and Weapons upgrades to customize your Ship
-Community: Join discussions in the Forum or chat in game through IRC

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Mykro Planets

Mykro Planets is a pure 1-st person multiplayer action shooter, but in space. It's not a space simulator, it's a free-movement game (like in classic shooters) without acceleration or inertia, with strafes in XZ plane (and strafe along Y axis). I know that it can be strange for space-sim fans, but in that case the game is much more dynamic and available for the wide public.

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Ballerium is a Real-Time Strategy Massively Multiplayer Online Game, in which thousands of players can simultaneously play a game of control involving a strange world called Ballerium. In Ballerium players gather armies, trade, clan, fight, and explore to gain more power and additional friends with which they can color the map theirs.

Play Ballerium Now

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The game is sure to test your skills in marksmanship, strategy, and even teamwork, since you can fight with up to 6 other players. In addition, you get four weapons from which to carry out your destruction upon other players, including missiles, nukes, grenades, and mines. Subscribed players also get the benefits of customized games, four battlefields (including Classic, Snow, Desert, and Mars), and more!

Play is simple. Left click on the ground to move, and right click on an object to fire. You can use powerups such as increased power, armor, and speed to gain a tactical advantage. You should hold down the right mouse button to charge a grenade if selected. Number keys 1-4 are weapon select hotkeys. Once you have the controls down, you will be able to jump right into your tank and charge into battle. Just be aware of the elite players who use sinister strategies to hunt you before you get the chance to see them!

Command your own tank in four different battlefields in this military action game.

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Boundless Planet

Build your cities to withstand attack, build your armies to neutralize any threat, and build your empire to inspire fear. BoundlessPlanet, the world's first fully 3D Persistent Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy Game (MMORTS) which pits you against hundreds of other players simultaneously in a planet-wide struggle to claim natural resources and expand an empire using the limitless power of an army, navy, and air force of your own creation.

Mine the planet's natural resources to build fortified cities and unstoppable armies. Research new weapons, machines and technologies to enhance your military might on land, sea, and in the air. Form alliances with other players, share resources, and plan coordinated attacks using the internal chat messager. Use cunning, wit, deception and raw power to ultimately conquer the planet.

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Features: Single Player Multiplayer Cooperative Classic Deathmatch Enhanced Deathmatch Team Deathmatch Shared Team Fields Enhanced Deathmatch with Weapons play against Bots create your own Bot !!! save and replay single/multiplayer games team alliances spectator modes runs under Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP World Rankings for Individuals for Teams Internet Server Database Internet/LAN Games Integrated Chat Ingame Messages Server Software Customizable Skins Customizable Sound Themes Dynamic window resizing and placing for optimal view Custom mp3/ogg background music Bilinear filtered skins to fit screen resolution Highscores Single/Teams Gamepad Support Fast Growing Tetron Community DirectX Graphics Channel Scores and much more...

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