Righteous Kill 2 Revenge of the Poet Killer | Arcade |


Infomation: Find the objects listed on the left in the murder scene as you progress in the storyline.

How to play: This game is played with mouse only.

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WTF? King of Fighters Online MMO coming next year


WTF? I love how this just kind of popped up out of nowhere. News of a King of Fighters MMORPG came and went not to long ago, with laughing happening both ways. But this new footage of a King of Fighters MMO (not RPG) isn't as funny -- it actually looks pretty nice.

Coming out of nowhere, from Dragonfly Studios and Triple Games, King of Fighters Online looks to be a 3D brawler with 3D characters that remain somewhat true to the KoF design. The gameplay style reminds me of the old side-scrolling buddy brawlers like Streets of Rage, but with a more open movement field. A tag system will let you to change characters during battle, and special moves have been implemented.

Check out the gameplay trailer for King of Fighters Online below the jump, where you'll see Joe, Kyo, and Athena fighting it out, PvP style.

A press release in choppy English says that King of Fighters Online is expected to be released early next year for PC. Very interesting, don't you think?


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King Of Fighters Online Coming In 2010


King Of Fighters Online Coming In 2010
By William Usher

King Of Fighters Online Coming In 2010 A few years ago a Korean-based development company was working on a King of Fighters MMORPG. It never really went anywhere and before it could gain any traction it was shutdown. Well, recently, Dragonfly Studios and SNK announced that they are working on a new KoF MMO, and it’s scheduled to go live next year.

If I must say so myself, this new rendition of the KoF Online experience is truly amazing. While the graphics are sporting a 3D look in 3D environments, the animations and art-style still retain the true King of Fighters aesthetic. It’s a great spectacle and a noteworthy way to keep some semblance of the series intact.

The fighting, however, is now 8-direction based and plays out like Streets of Rage or other classic beat-e’m-up games. The good news is that all the character’s moves were kept and can be executed with some pretty cool looking special effects and camera work. A tag feature is also present, so players can switch up characters during the middle of a battle and the game will feature player-vs-player and player-vs-environment scenarios.

Based on the gameplay trailer released, it appears the game actually has a storyline to follow and will feature some familiar bosses from the game’s illustrious history. You can check out the trailer below and remember to stay tuned in with Blend Games for further news, info and updates regarding all things gaming.


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Bug Robo Killer | Arcade |


Bug Robo Killer is a nice Shooting flash games.
Have fun !!!

How to play: Use arrow keys to move.
Z to shoot.
X to to use bomb.

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The Future of the MMORPG Genre


In the previous articles, we looked at the MMORPGs currently sitting on the top of the pile, while also looking at those which are close to launch. However, the MMORPG genre is still expanding, and there are a lot of MMORPGs further in the future which are attempting to find their own niches in the market. Are games like World of Warcraft safe from possible dethronement in the short term? The answer is probably yes, but the real question is... for how long? This article hopes to uncover the methods that some companies are now looking toward implementing in order to keep the genre original and fresh.

World of Warcraft has been quite established as a franchise for some time now. While its end is not going to come in the foreseeable future, Blizzard clearly aren't willing to place all their eggs into one basket anymore. They've stated that at this year's Blizzcon, there will be an MMO announcement and it's currently shrouded in secrecy. It's unlikely to be a sequel to World of Warcraft, and most rumours are hinting towards a venture into the StarCraft universe. It would be nice to see an entirely new fresh approach to the genre, but with Blizzard being as a keen and as in touch as they are with their fans, it's likely they'll be unveiling something quite special.

As previously pointed out, a sequel isn't always the best approach to MMORPGs. However, many companies have used this approach already or are planning to: Lineage, Guild Wars and Ragnarok Online to name but a few. It's a somewhat successful strategy, but it can be quite problematic. Attempting to move players from one game to the other often proves taxing, as players don't necessarily want to part with their characters, only to start again from scratch.

Thus we arrive at the latest addition and announcement to the MMORPG genre, Final Fantasy XIV. Announced at E3, Final Fantasy XIV was a prominent part of Sony's Press Conference, as they stated it will be coming out on PlayStation 3 exclusively. This has since been cleared up, and Square Enix have confirmed it will also be coming to the PC, with other platforms being investigated. It may look like a direct sequel to Final Fantasy XI, due to similar races and creatures, but the gameplay will be completely different. Square Enix came into the MMO genre with lots of innovation, and they are looking to do the same thing again, while implementing what they've learnt from Final Fantasy XI.

Then there are also titles like The Secret World that are trying to implement completely different ideas. The developers, Funcom, are looking to set their game not in a fantasy realm, but in reality. Because of this, they are looking to have a strong emphasis on the supernatural, while also focusing on the possiblity of time travel and it's these kind of ideas that will help to keep the genre fresh moving forward.

It's hard to say how successful any of these methods will be. One thing's for certain as far as transitions from one MMO to another go, players will be very unwilling to give up on the amount of time they invested in previous titles so easily. However, for those that haven't really got very far in a game, and haven't invested much time, they may just find what they've been waiting for.


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Rappelz, the free fantasy MMORPG enters Open Beta across Turkey


Gala Networks Europe, the leading online game publisher that operates the gPotato.eu free-to-play MMORPG portal, is proud to announce that Rappelz enters Open Beta today across Turkey. Developed by nFlavor, Rappelz offers players a fantasy world where they can tame terrible creatures to bring into battle with them and has been fully localised for the Turkish market.

With over two and a half million players, Turkish players across the world will be able to benefit from a fully localised version, with Turkish content, community features and backed up by the Turkish customer support team. Servers will open at 2pm Ankara time, and the Turkish GM's will be on hand in the Trainee Island to welcome players into the game.

After a community poll, Closed Beta players have voted to name the first server Fenix and players will have a number of in-game events open to them to introduce the gameplay in Rappelz. Monster Invasions will happen at the end of the week and both the Item Drop rate will see an increase of 50% and an experience boost of 30% for the duration of the first week.

Playing the Turkish version of Rappelz is simple. Simply register at http://tr.gpotato.eu/Account/AccReg.aspx and download the game client from http://tr.rappelz.gpotato.eu/Download/Client.aspx or Bittorrent. And remember, with no subscriptions, Rappelz is completely free to play for life!

For more information on the Turkish version of Rappelz which also contains the brand new Navis Lamia expansion for high level players, visit http://tr.rappelz.gpotato.eu or follow our news on RSS via http://rss.gpotato.eu/?game=rappelz&lng=tr

About Rappelz
Rappelz is a free MMORPG published in French, German and Turkish by Gala Networks Europe Ltd. In a dark and devastated world, Rappelz invites people from all walks of life to join one the three races available in the game, to be able to find the most powerful pet. For further information, don't hesitate to visit the official Rappelz website at http://rappelz.gpotato.eu.

About Gala Networks Europe Ltd. & gPotato
Gala Networks Europe Ltd. is a leading European free-to-play online games publisher. Gala Networks Europe operates the gPotato brand by hosting, publishing and distributing free online games via the www.gpotato.eu portal. Present in Europe for over two years with three successful MMORPGs Flyff, Rappelz and Street Gears, the gPotato.eu portal is now a major destination for online gamers with over a million users. Dragonica, the fourth game of the portal, launched on June 10th 2009 and Allods Online, the fifth game of the portal will be available in Autumn 2009.


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Jade Dynasty trailer and launch


Jade Dynasty trailer and launch

From Perfect World Entertainment comes another high fantasy MMORPG called Jade Dynasty. The game is about to enter open beta literally in minutes so check out this information and trailer from IGN to see it's for you. You can download the game here.

* Unique Character Progression - Begin as Paladin and once proven worthy, select from 5 different factions, each offer their own unique set of skills and game mechanics for countless customization possibilities.

* Navigation System - Players will no longer be confused about where to go or what monsters to kill. Quests will have a link which will allow players to click and automatically navigate to their quest objectives. In addition, a click anywhere will route a player there automatically.

* Alliance System - Create a mighty army and level up, to earn special skills and items. Ally with other Alliances and engage in Fort Battles or Battlegrounds to defeat your foes.

* Pets - Pets can be found in the wild or purchased to fight alongside a player and provide that extra edge in battle. Pets grow, learn new skills and eventually "go to heaven," leaving an incredible reward.

* Crafting - Gather the right materials and obtain special training to create armor and weapons.

* Weapon and Armor Upgrading - Increase statistics and even modify the look of gear. This system allows players to fine tune the functionality of their equipment, and at the same time, further customize their character's look.

* Flying Weapons - In traditional Chinese martial art myths, flying upon a sword is the ultimate sign of a powerful warrior. Jade Dynasty brings this fantasy to life.

* Player versus Player Combat - Fight for honor and rewards with intense Worldwide Player versus Player (PvP) battles.

* Fort Battles - Engage in daily fort battles where Alliances defend or attack. Spawn titans to battle, construct defensive or offensive buildings and complete the objectives to reap the benefits of victory.


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Heroes of Telara

Heroes aren’t born, they are forged. In the world of Telara, how a person reacts to an unexpected situation determines their quality; will you be a hero? Plunge into a world where you will face different challenges every time you play. Your decisions will affect the fate of the people of Telara.

A Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG), Heroes of Telara builds on established mechanics with dynamic content and scheduled events to ensure an ever-changing world where being the right hero at the right time truly matters. Join with other heroes and become a legend.

Long after the Age of Legend, when centuries of conflict devastated the fair kingdoms of Telara™, the world teeters on the edge of darkness. Now, four rival factions grapple for control of the land as the struggle rages on in the wild territories. Arising from these ashes is Port Scion, a mighty city inhabited by survivors of the old empires. Only the brave and stalwart citizens of Port Scion can restore peace, and change the very course of history, for it is home to the Heroes of Telara.

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CDC Games Plans to Launch “Bloody Sky”


CDC Games, a business unit of CDC Corporation (NASDAQ: CHINA) and a pioneer of the “free-to-play, pay for merchandise” model for online games in China, announced today that on June 18 it expects to start the open beta testing of its “Bloody Sky” expansion pack for Shaiya, its popular free-to-play massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG).

CDC Games’ Bloody Sky (“Xue Se Tian Kong”) expansion pack is expected to add extensive new content to the game such as a new dungeon scene, new monsters, a new 3D battle experience, an enhanced item system so players can upgrade their weapons and equipment, and new skills.

This new content will also allow players to battle with each other across server groups instead of limiting players to battling players from the same server group. Players may also form a team of up to 30 people, up from 7, which we believe will permit smooth cooperation on the battlefield, and thus create a more interactive and social experience.

In China, Shaiya has approximately 20 million registered users. Shaiya is a medieval fantasy-themed “free-to-play, pay-for-merchandise” MMORPG developed by and licensed from the Korean entertainment company, SONOKONG. In addition to its advanced graphics, Shaiya also has music and sound effects produced by a large orchestra and choir. Players can choose to join either the Union of Fury or the Alliance of Light to participate in an epic feud where they can battle monsters or other players, and join with other players to vie for control of the continent.

“Bloody Sky is the first of what is expected to be a series of expansion packs for our games that we intend to launch this year,” said Monish Bahl, CFO of CDC Games. “We believe that the expansion offers exciting new content that will provide many hours of entertainment for gamers. The loyal fans of Shaiya have anxiously awaited this new expansion and we expect to see further improvements in metrics for this game with the launch of the expansion pack, in the coming months.”

About CDC Corporation

The CDC family of companies includes CDC Software focused on enterprise software applications and services, CDC Global Services focused on IT consulting services, outsourced application development and IT staffing, CDC Games focused on online games, and China.com focused on portals for the greater China markets. For more information about CDC Corporation (NASDAQ: CHINA), please visit www.cdccorporation.net.

About CDC Games

CDC Games is a market leader in online and mobile games in China with more than 160 million registered users. The company pioneered the "free-to-play, pay-for-merchandise" online games model in China with Yulgang and launched the first free-to-play, pay for merchandise FPS (first person shooter) game in China with Special Force. Currently, CDC Games offers a portfolio of diverse and popular MMO online games in China. For more information on CDC Games, visit: www.cdcgames.net

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

This press release includes "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements include statements regarding our beliefs about the market acceptance of the Shaiya expansion pack, our beliefs regarding our ability to continue with momentum in the popularity of our games, our expectations regarding the success of Shaiya’s expansion pack, our beliefs regarding the factors supporting the anticipated success of Shaiya, our beliefs regarding the appeal, preferences and player acceptance of Shaiya expansion, our ability and intent to launch additional titles and expansion packs in the future, and other statements that are not historical, the achievement of which involve risks, uncertainties and assumptions. If any such risks or uncertainties materialize or if any of the assumptions proves incorrect, our results could differ materially from the results expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements we make.

These statements are based on management's current expectations and are subject to risks and uncertainties and changes in circumstances. There are important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated in the forward looking statements, including the following:

(a) the ability to realize strategic objectives by taking advantage of market
(b) the ability to develop and market successfully Shaiya and other games and
(c) the future growth of the online games industry in China; (d) the possibility of
development delays;
(e) the development of competing products and technology; and
(f) and the entry of new competitors and their technological advances. Further information on risks or other factors that could cause results to differ is detailed in filings or submissions with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission made by CDC Corporation in its Annual Report for the year ended December 31, 2007 on Form 20-F filed on June 30, 2008 and amended on September 15, 2008.

All forward-looking statements included in this press release are based upon information available to management as of the date of the press release, and you are cautioned not to place undue reliance on any forward looking statements which speak only as of the date of this press release.

The company assumes no obligation to update or alter the forward looking statements whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.


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New Korean Games Weekly Roundup


Last week is an awesome week! Many Korea-based company announced their new MMORPGs or development schedule. During this week filled with surprises, we have met wave after wave of promising MMOs. Today we make this 'New Korean Games Weekly Roundup' for MMOsiters to have a initial touch with these games.

Heva Online

New titile Heva Online, developed by playBuster and published by casual MMOs expert Windysoft, announced official release on June 9th. GetAmped and Infinity are both the products published by Windysoft in Korea. Heva Online cost playBuster two years to develop and kept secretly during development stage.

Heva Online, a new online game developed by PlayBuster and published by Windysoft, was officially released on June 9, 2009. As a casual MMORPG, Heva Online had been secretly developed for 2 years and was only revealed for the first time by its publisher Windysoft, a famous casual game company in Korea.

The main concept of the adventure-themed Heva Online is to highlight its uniqness by adding skills and puzzles to the monotonous battles. To accomplish this concept, 3D maps and terrain oriented strategies are introduced into the game to provide the players with an enjoyable and colorful game system that is different from other games.

Pristontale War

When I saw the title Pristontale War for the first time, I could not help but think of Yedang's other two MMORPGs Pristontale and PristontaleII. Any difference? We are told this game is developed with awesome battle as center. But what down-to-earth will Pristontale War be? Nobody knows. Recently, Yedang unveiled 5 screenshots allowing players took a a glimpse. Pristontale War started recruiting tester on June 11th and planned to launch open beta in Q4 2009.


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Final Fantasy XIV Online RPG Slated for 2010 Release


The 14th chapter of the popular Final Fantasy role-playing series is due out next year. Unlike Final Fantasy XIII, which is also slated for a 2010 release, XIV will be a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG).

Videogame company Square Enix has not released details about Final Fantasy XIV, but a trailer of the game was shown Tuesday at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Subsequently, Square Enix launched a teaser site for the game, where fans can watch the video.

Final Fantasy XIV appears to take place in medieval times including Chocobos and airships, similar to the setting in Final Fantasy XII.

Square Enix's first online Final Fantasy title was Final Fantasy XI, which was available for Windows PCs, PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360. Final Fantasy XIV will be available for the PlayStation 3 and Windows PCs.

By Brian X. Chen

Source: http://www.wired.com/

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Upshift StrikeRacer

Upshift StrikeRacer is a free-to-play online car racing and combat game, blending nerve-wracking high speed car races with explosive online player-versus-player combat as multiple gamers enter deadly matches for bragging rights and reputation.

Upshift StrikeRacer is a free-to-play game, meaning you don’t pay a cent to play if you don’t want to. Many of the vehicles, body kits, accessory kits, weapons, finishes, and special items can be bought only with the Reputation you generate by StrikeRacing. However, some items can only be bought with Potatoes, the prized tuber that forms the basis of the future economy. Items can be bought inside the game itself, or at our Item Shop.

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Top 10 Upcoming MMORPGs


MMORPGs have become quite popular over the years, and some, like World of Warcraft have found a place in popular culture. However, that's the now and they won't last forever. We mentioned a fortnight ago, five of the biggest MMORPGs at the moment, but what's around the corner that will be able to dethrone those currently flying high? Should Blizzard be concerned about some of the upcoming titles?

Most of the titles up for discussion in this article are in the late stages of development and are running their beta testing phases. There are quite a few of notable merit and a fair few that are targeting specific niches, for example fanatical sci-fi groups. This is our top ten -- in no particular order -- of the titles we expect to make quite a bit of noise amongst gamers when they finally surface and that MMORPG players should definitely keep on their radar.

Champions Online (Cryptic Studios)

Champions OnlineDeveloped by Cryptic Studios and Published by Atari, Champions Online continues to focus on the super hero theme initially displayed in their previous two titles, City of Heroes and City of Villains. The game is currently undergoing its beta testing phase and is set to appear on the Xbox 360 as well as the PC. The game claims to be offering many firsts, such as the ability to not only create how a player will look, but how their hero will move. Along with that, the player will also get to choose how their character's powers manifest and they will get to create their arch-nemesis. Like Final Fantasy XI, Champions Online will allow for cross-platform play, as both Xbox 360 users and PC users will be able to play together. User generated content has been given the OK by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 version, something which has been an issue in the past for developers.
The game itself will have a level 40 cap, and plenty of end game content. Equipped items will appear on the character visually, although this feature can be turned off should the player want. Every character can use every skill or power, which will allow for a varied class system, as there are no specific rules or sets of skills a player can stick to. It also uses a similar system to World of Warcraft, whereby when a player dies their experience points doesn't take a hit and only their equipment is harmed. It has also been confirmed that there is more than one way to get around the game at speed, from tunneling, to swinging, to flying.

The game is due for launch in September, 2009.

Dragonica (Barunson Interactive)

Being developed by Barunson Interactive, Dragonica is unlike most other MMORPGs due to its side-scrolling nature. The game is scheduled to be "free-to-play" and currently has numerous different betas in progress. There are going to be four classes to initially choose from, with each having various routes through which it can progress.

Star Wars: The Old Republic (BioWare)

Star Wars: The Old Republic Although many people thought it would be Knights of the Old Republic 3, BioWare have decided to adapt their skills and take Star Wars online. Although this isn't the first Star Wars MMO, with Star Wars: Galaxies coming before it, The Old Republic will be in direct canon to Knights of the Old Republic. Players will be able to choose whether to side with the Galactic Republic or the Sith Empire and the story itself will take place 300 years after the events that took place in Knights of the Old Republic. Many of the famous planets and cities seen through previous Star Wars encounters will be visitable, and the story is said to have much more content than any of their previous titles put together.
It's been confirmed that there will be a class system, but only two have been announced so far. The Bounty Hunter class will represent the Sith Empire, while the Trooper class will fight for the Galactic Republic. It is said that each class will have its own role to play in the story, but overall the main path remains the same. There is also scope for having NPC companions and like in previous titles, spending time with the same NPCs will help to make the story more involving. Sadly for console owners there are no plans for a release on anything other than the PC.

Lineage III (NCSoft)

Lineage II is one of the most successful MMORPGs of all-time, and while Lineage III has been in development since the 1st of January, 2008, NCSoft don't expect to release any public details about this title until at least 2011. It looks like Lineage II still has quite a few years to run until its successor is released, that's for sure.

DC Universe Online (Sony Online Austin)

DC Universe Online DC Universe Online is being developed by Sony Online Austin and as the name suggests, is set in the DC Universe. The game allows players to pick which city their character hails from, although only two have been confirmed thus far as being Metropolis and Gotham. They then choose whether to be a hero or a villain. There is a definite message that the developers want to make the game more interactive that most MMORPGs, but they also wanted to keep core elements, such as leveling and inventories.
Being able to play as both heroes and villains enables lots of different routes to be taken, and this can cause some elements to conflict, as both sides try to undertake an objective at the same time. Not a great deal is known about the actual gameplay as of yet, but with a release looking to be towards the end of this year and early 2010, hopefully more info will surface in the near future. It is currently being produced for the PlayStation 3 and PC platforms..

Hero's Journey (Simutronics)

Hero's Journey made a name for itself at E3 in 2005 and 2006, with it winning numerous awards, but since then very little has been heard. The game hopes to create a world where the players decisions affect the overall gameplay, such as allowing for specific nemesis. It also incorporates the use of multi classing from the very start. The game is being developed using the HeroEngine and takes place in the world of Elanthia. However, there is no release date, or estimated period of release for this PC game.

Star Trek Online (Cryptic Studios)

Star Trek Online Star Wars Online is another MMO being developed by Cryptic Studios. The title was originally being developed by Perpetual Entertainment, but they sadly went bankrupt and Cryptic picked the project up. The game is due to be set 30 years after Star Trek: Nemesis, and will be the first Star Trek MMORPG. The gameplay is said to encompass everything that a Star Trek fan would want, from boarding enemy vessels to owning their own ship and beaming down onto planet surfaces.

Each player will captain their own ship, which will have a crew of NPCs. At the moment, it's known that they can choose to be from the Federation or Klingon. More races in the works, including the possibility of making entirely new races. There are due to be two combat systems; away team missions will consist of more traditional combat, while space combat will be much more tactically orientated. The scope for this game could be quite awe inspiring, but theres very little to go on in the current stages.

Alganon (Quest Online)

Alganon is under the radar for most hardcore MMORPG players, as Quest Online are attempting to make the game much more accessible to casual gamers. However, there is still going to be plenty of depth for hardcore players who want to invest the time. The game does feature quite a few unique ideas, such as a family system which assigns players into a group of people upon creating their character.

Alganon is currently in its alpha stage, with the beta set to start soon and the developers are hoping for a release in 2009.

Stargate Worlds (Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment)

Stargate Worlds Stargate has a huge cult following, and with Stargate SG-1 now cancelled, Stargate Worlds hopes to give fans something to look forward to. The game is due to feature a class system which removes the need for a healer type, as every class is capable of being a medic. There are seven classes mentioned at present and these are Commando, Soldier, Jaffa, Goa'uld, Scientist, Archaelogist and Asgard. Each class will have three specific skill trees they can advance along.

There was initially optimism about space combat being included, but Cheyenne have deemed it slightly impractical to implement. They have stated though that it could be considered in an expansion. There is hope that missions will involve the ability to explore the ships themselves, but currently not a great deal is known. Despite this, there have already been discussions about expansions regarding Stargate: Atlantis. A beta registration is currently in the works, with current signs indicating towards a release at the end of the year.

Ragnarok Online 2 (Gravity Corp.)

It's been a while since there has been any news regarding Ragnarok Online 2 and it's now been in development for at least 4 years. While there are various betas ongoing at the moment, reception hasn't been overly enthusiastic. Various problems and delays in the beta in other territories have begun to raise suspicions about the game's future.


The future is certainly bright for MMORPGs and this list highlights that there are a lot of good quality MMORPGs on the horizon. However, it's by no means exhaustive and there are other titles such as The Agency which have been omitted, due to it being more of an MMOFPS.

Be sure to check back in a fortnight to get the scoop on the future of the MMO genre, and a look at many of the unnamed MMORPGs which are known to be in development.

by Nelson
Source: http://www.gamingunion.net

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Star Trek Online MMORPG Game Ties into New Movie 24th Century Storyline


The upcoming Star Trek Online MMORPG game updated its timeline. The storyline continues to introduce the post-Nemesis elements from the Star Trek Countdown comic book mini series and the new movie. Here is the update :

Fallout from the destruction of the Romulan system dominates interstellar events in 2388.

The Romulan colony worlds reel from the loss of their homeworld and a vacuum in leadership. With the death of Praetor Chulan and the disappearance of Donatra, there is no one who has the authority to call the worlds to order or organize a new government. The leadership council of Rator III declares itself to be the new Romulan Senate and Rator III as the new capital of the Romulan Star Empire, but it is quickly challenged by the leaders of Achenar Prime and Abraxas V, who make similar claims.

One person many look toward to pull the Romulan people back together is Admiral Taris. She concentrates on evaluating what military forces remain, and issues a call for all remaining ships, even deep exploration vessels, to return to Romulan space.

Internal squabbling and politics hinder the Federation's relief efforts in Romulan space.

The Federation Council dispatches a fleet of ships to provide food and aid to refugees and to help the displaced survivors of the disaster find new homes, but Starfleet finds it must negotiate with each of the colony worlds. What one world welcomes, another sees as false friendship, or even an act of war. The fight between the three "capital" worlds further complicates issues, because any assistance given to one of them must be granted to all to avoid accusations of favoring one faction or attempting to interfere with the Romulans' internal affairs.

Most of the Federation's allies agree to send ships and supplies to supplement the Romulan relief effort. Even the Cardassians, who are still struggling to rebuild their homeworld, agree to a token contribution. But the Federation's appeal to the Klingon Empire to join the relief convoys is harshly rejected.

"The Klingons will offer no treaty, no aid, and no hand that is not holding a blade," Chancellor Martok responds.

Hardliners on the Klingon High Council, led by Councilor J'mpok, demand that both the Romulans and the Federation be made to pay for the destruction of the fleet led into Romulan space by Worf. Some argue that because Martok handed command of the fleet to his friend Worf, a Federation ambassador, rather than a general of the Klingon Defense Force, that the entire affair may have been a trick to weaken the empire. And that even if it was not a plot, the fact remains that hundreds of warriors died under the command of a Federation official. In some Klingon minds, that makes the Federation responsible for their deaths.

Martok rejects insinuations that Worf was part of a "cowardly Federation trick" and issues a standing challenge to anyone who dares to insult the honor of a member of the House of Martok. And, despite heavy pressure from hardliners on the Council, the chancellor ultimately refuses calls to retaliate against the Federation.

Although a diplomatic crisis is averted, this is yet another strain on an alliance that has already been tested by the retaking of Khitomer and the Klingons conflict with the Gorn. Analysts report that Federation-Klingon relations are at their weakest point since the Klingons briefly withdrew from the Khitomer Accords in 2372.

Also occupying Martok's time this year is a possible treaty with the Orions. Realizing that their homeworld in the Rigel system is beset with pollution and is almost completely depleted of natural resources and that Starfleet crackdowns on criminal activity are becoming a serious problem for Syndicate operations, a delegation of Orions led by Melani D'ian opens talks with both the Klingons and the Breen for possible assistance. Melani dangles the promise of Orion support and stockpiles of ancient knowledge and treasures, but refuses to commit to either side until they detail what they could offer the Orions in return.

For his part, Worf remains on Qo'noS, recuperating from his injuries and fulfilling his duties as Federation ambassador to the Klingon Empire. On Stardate 65548.43, he is present for the birth of his second son, K'Dhan.

On Stardate 65776.64, the Federation News Network breaks a story that reports that the Vulcan Science Academy knew of the threat to Romulus but refused to take action to assist the Romulans before the destruction of their homeworld.

The outcry is immediate. The Vulcans decision is condemned by dozens of politicians and analysts. Seventeen independent planets recall the ambassadors to Vulcan in protest, as do Federation members Pacifica and Zaran II. Two days later, the Federation Council votes to open an investigation into the Vulcans refusal to help the Romulans, as well as the implications of the academy's work in red matter manipulation.

The Federation president makes a public appeal in an address to the Federation Council for the member worlds to remain calm and not ostracize Vulcan or anyone involved. "In this time of strife we need to remain united," President Nanietta Bacco says. "Assigning blame does not heal the injured, soothe the stricken or comfort the grieving."

By GustavoLeao
Source: http://trekweb.com/

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Blizzards next MMORPG: What is it?


Many people are waiting to see what Blizzard’s next MMORPG will be and it appears it wont be Starcraft, Diablo, Warcraft or Blackthorne, Rock n’ Roll Racing...

via - Massively - While we’ve had reason to believe that Blizzard’s next MMO would be a new IP, but this marks the first occasion that we’ve had some kind of official confirmation of our speculation.

In a post on the official World of Warcraft forums, Blizzard community manager Zarhym came out and said the new MMO was in fact an original IP, saying, "We have nothing to advertise for the new MMO because it’s a shell of a game thus far. We’ve already stated it’ll be a brand new franchise, which means the lore, art, and game play are being developed entirely from scratch. It’s an overwhelming process, but a process through which we excel. Our track record supports this." While it’s no press release or big event reveal, this is certainly the closest we’ve come to someone officially with Blizzard saying that, yes, it’s not a previously created franchise.

So now that speculation on whether or not it’s a new IP is over, we can begin to speculate on what genre this new IP will be! Science fiction, steampunk, cyberpunk or another fantasy setting? It’s hard to say, although our hopes go for something decidedly not fantasy since Blizzard has already spent plenty of energy in those genres up to this point.

Brian Edey (Falelorn)

Source : http://www.gamefocus.ca/

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Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn

Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn is also a full-featured expansion pack with a wide array of new content and features that will be announced later this year.

The new expansion will include a playable race, and add to or enhance many of the key features of Ultima Online: epic battles versus powerful monsters, deep dangerous dungeons, player-versus-player combat, creative housing design, crafting, and much more.

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GodsWar Online Dev Journal #1: Pet System


We have here the first in a series of Dev Journal entries from IGG for their Greek Mythology-based MMORPG, GodsWar Online. For this first iteration, Ethan Pan, the game designer of GodsWar Online, is sharing his thoughts on the development of the new pet system for GodsWar. He also brings us cute screenshots to ogle out, so go check it out after the break.

Let me say first that a ton of effort has gone into preparing this system for release. The RPG standard for pets is that they join their masters in a fight and can wield various melee attacks or spells while leveling up and becoming more powerful. This is common, and ultimately boring. We wanted to shake things up a bit and eliminate another source of tedious grinding, which I think we’ve managed to do.

With this in mind, we began designing the pets. Right off the bat we saw that providing interaction between pets and their masters without resorting to combat was going to be immensely difficult. Fighting seemed to be the only way to get them to talk!

To resolve this problem we introduced the pets more into the storyline and made them part of random events. We went with the most basic of pet duties, Fetch. These events were loaded with items and treasure that pets would be able to pick up and add to their masters Exp and Talent points. All of the sudden, taking pets for a walk didn’t seem like such a chore!

As nice as bunches of treasure and Exp is, it wasn’t going to be enough to satisfy our players, so it was back to the drawing board to expand the pet’s role in the game even further. We saw that we needed to make a distinction between pets as combat sidekicks and pets as helpful assistants. We wanted them to be there for players to help them, but not just as another source of damage.

We settled on (nursing) helping players recover HP, (gofors) to submit quests, and possibly even to earn money. These looked good on paper, but they still lacked the necessary pizzazz to make them really unique.

It was at this time, when were at a creative dead end and staring at blank computer screens, that the project director burst in and broke us out of our coffee deprived stupor. “Combine!” he kept shouting, “Put them together to make something even better!” At first we were at a loss, but as he explained it we could see he was on to something. Combine the pet’s skills with the skills of their masters to make a sort of super skill.

“Imagine the power that could be generated!” he said. We couldn’t agree more, and suddenly Starbucks didn’t seem so important. Brilliant, dazzling effects, upgraded appearances - the ideas came spilling out faster than we could jot them down. It seemed to be the real, unique breakthrough that we had been waiting for.

The last problem we had to overcome was how to raise these new kinds of pets, but it seemed the ghost of combat sidekicks wasn’t going down without a fight. How could your pet obtain exp without actually doing something? We finally kicked exp to the curb and settled on a compound system that lets players combine weaker pets to make stronger ones. Although a little morbid, we feel that the pet’s won’t have much to say about it. We even have plans to incorporate a pet rebirth system so that their development can continue to match their masters.

By Mabie A.

Source: http://mmorpg.qj.net/

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Atlantica Online to Be Published in Thailand


NDOORS’ Popular MMORPG Continues Worldwide Expansion. NDOORS today announced that a deal has been signed to publish their popular MMORPG title Atlantica Online in Thailand through a partnership with Southeast Asia’s number one online game provider, AsiaSoft.

In less than a year Atlantica Online has successfully expanded from Korea into North America, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, and now Thailand. The game is in open beta in mainland China as well.

“When we developed Atlantica Online, we knew we would be bringing the game to the global market and we took that into consideration in many of our design choices,” said Peter Kang, CEO, NDOORS Interactive.“That strategy is paying off for us as we see more and more new players from different countries embracing the game and enjoying the online experience.”

AsiaSoft is the largest provider of MMORPG games and services in Southeast Asia and was the first company to bring an MMORPG to Thailand. Their expertise in the space will ensure a smooth launch for Atlantica Online in the new territory.

Recognized as one of the best free-to-play MMORPGs, Atlantica Online has received critical acclaim for its quality, accessibility, and entertainment value. Atlantica features a unique turn-based fighting system and takes players on a journey around the world through mystical and historical lore. The recently announced addition of the Titan Server enables interaction among players from all Atlantica servers, creating the first true test to determine the best of the best.

By El Segundo
From: http://www.mcvuk.com/press-releases/

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With the disappearance of king Targon also the country Aris fell into darkness.

Since a quarter century his younger brother Halgan rule with an iron fist. After a catastrophe on a small island in the east could be farther, unnoticed by the most, now there is coming up a new one in the north.

In Tarabat, a small village at the foot of the shadow mountains, the brave adventurers meet to try their luck. Some heroes bravery will lead to their doom. But those who are strong enough and stay alive are going to find unexpected opulences ...

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THQ Announces CrimeCraft for PC


THQ and Vogster Entertainment have announced what they are calling a persistent world next-gen shooter called CrimeCraft for the PC. I guess adding craft to the end of an online MMO game makes them feel more successful. The game is set to ship in August and will be sold exclusively at Best Buy.

The game merges elements of a shooter game with an MMORPG title to bring something that sounds a little like the epic fail that was PlanetSide. The game is said to mix fantasy and sci-fi themes into the mix.

Players who pre-order the game starting on May 31st online will get two free in game t-shirts and a combat backpack for their character. Those who pre-order will also be allowed into the game beta launch. The game will have monthly fees for playing, but the game comes with two months free play.

| by Shane McGlaun |

Source :http://www.i4u.com/

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Seven Core: Riding Action MMORPG Created by MU2's ex-Developer


Seven Core, a new MMORPG with riding actions as its core gameplay, is currently being developed by Noria, a newly established Korea-based game development company consisting of developers who have previously engaged in the creation of Webzen's MU2 and Kingdom of Warriors.

According to Noria, Seven Core allows players to experience combats on land, at sea and in the air. As we know, World of Warcraft features diversified mounts and Aion is known for its breathtaking air combats, both inaugurating a new era in the game industry. Seven Core combines the strong points of these two games, providing both thrilling air combats and wonderful mounts gameplay.

Seven Core providing both thrilling air combats and wonderful mounts gameplay .The mounts in Seven Core not only can help players move around, but also can join combats to fight side by side with players. Different mounts such as beasts and mechanisms possess different combat skills that allow players to launch melee, ranged or area attacks. Mounts can obtain new skills as characters advance, as well as level up through using items. Additionally, the player can also grab other player's mount and enjoy its unique skills.

Similarly, each in-game character is endowed with unique skills. So, when a player runs into monsters or foes, he/she can either ride on the mount and apply its unique skills or apply his/her character's unique skills without riding on the mount.


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Red War Closed Beta Client


Isometric MMORPG in the vein of Diablo and other dungeon crawlers
Uforia has released the closed beta client of Red War: Edem's Curse, a free-to-play online MMORPG which takes gamers through the worlds of Meltya and Alies.

Gamers can choose from three classes as they battle the dark forces of Qelian and the inhabitants of Meltya and attempt to prevent their peaceful world of Alies from being overtaken. Red War: Edem's Curse revolutionizes dungeon crawlers with new features such as the Red War tournaments. These daily tournaments are a pure test of skill, and not character level or equipment.

All participants are set to the same level at the beginning of the tournament, and only stats and skills are allowed to be customized. The game also offers players a Clone System. This system gives players the ability to create a clone of their original character which can be used to perform a variety of tasks while the original character pursues more adventurous activities such as battles and quests. Another game feature are the Castle Sieges which provide group combat opportunities and provide the winning guild with their own castle and access to special locations and features.

Source: http://www.gamershell.com

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It is Not the Fault of Games


It's an age old discussion that games have been the proverbial bad guys when it comes to parents and their children.

We would often hear parents say "will you stop playing that blasted game? Don't you have anything better to do? Like giving me a foot rub?". Okay, fine I exaggerated on the foot rub bit but, am I not right in the part?

Video games, or to be more specific violent video games have been the target of our parent's disapproval ever since time memorial. They think that it's unhealthy, stupid, unethical and!@#$%^ for anyone to make games that teach children to lie, steal and cheat to win.

You ask me, "But hey, isn't that argument isn't just for console and pc games like GTA? What's it got to do with us MMO players?" well my friend, I was just going to get to that little detail there.

A friend of mine in the Philippines has sent me a message regarding a legislator gunning down DotA and Online games as bad influence and that students should stop playing them on the grounds that online games have don't help students for work and even higher education (the article is found here).

Thankfully the said legislator did mention that students should play in moderation which is compared to most of the game nay sayers is a less extreme stand to the whole thing. However, the idea of only game developers having any "positive" effects when it comes to gaming is just an outright irresponsible statement.

As a way to disprove this outrageous claim, a local blogger made this entry about what he has learned in MMOs. Another counter-argument for gamers in this regard is this article which posted that a certain company hired a guy because he plays WoW.

This issue that arose is only just one of the numerous complaints parents, authorities and 'concerned' individuals have. The thing is, I think they're just hiding behind the fact that they are not doing their jobs, duties or whatever you call them right, thus finger-pointing the most obvious "bad influence" kids have these days, which is in fact games.

I say that a game does its job when it's addicting. It's not the company behind the game's fault if the people behind the kid fail at trying to curb their son/daughter's addiction. I firmly stand that it's the lack of proper guidance, understanding and effort for the parents and the society around them that kinds turn for the worse.
If the parents just cared enough to at least try to make measures for kids to be encouraged to self-discipline themselves because instead of just being asses and leave the 'molding of their kids' to schools with teachers who have no bond with them whatsoever.

Another problem is with the people who have power to do something. Instead of just pointing out the things wrong on something why don't they do something constructive for a change? The same goes for parents as well.

The lack of discipline of a child is not the gamer's fault but rather it's the shortcomings of the parents themselves that let these kids turn out like this.

I say stop blaming games for something that's not their responsibility in the first place and start doing your part of your kids 'molding' into a more responsible adult. A note for parents is that learn to be more constructive when it comes to your kids, 8 out of 10 kids these days don't talk to their parents about what's important to them because they think you'll just be an ass about the whole thing instead of helping them out.

If you want your kids to grow up, you should grow up first.

By: Ninjarantguy

Source at : http://news.mmosite.com/content/2009-05-30/20090530015717306.shtml

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Street Gears

Based on a persistent manga-style universe, Street Gears is amassively multiplayer roller game where players can challenge each others in races or tricks contests.

Developed by NFlavor Corp., the developers of Rappelz, Street Gears, mixes gameplay elements from MMORPG with a persistent universe and avatar evolution, and elements from other extreme sports game with lots of different tricks and tracks. Based on the player's reflexes as well as on the skills of the character, Street Gears uses attracting cell-shading graphics increasing the manga and arcade aspect of its world.

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Heroes Of Telara E3 Trailer And Game Details


Trion World Entertainment has revealed details of its upcoming MMORPG, Heroes of Telara, which will be official unveiled at E3 this week. HoT will immerse players in a rich world where they must battle to survive against the hordes of chaos, conquer wild territories and bring hope to the world.

“With Heroes of Telara™, Trion proudly presents the first in a series of revolutionary video games on the Trion platform,” said Lars Buttler, CEO of Trion. “Trion is showcasing what server-based gaming can really give us: fun, beautiful, fully dynamic, massively social, ‘live’ video games.”

HoT is a server based MMORPG, with a class system that allows players to choose any class in the game, with a subclass as a speciality. The combat system is described as easy-to-learn, and players can team up with friends of any level in-game because of the unique game design.

“What we're showing at E3 will genuinely demonstrate our vision for the future of MMO gaming,” said Brown. “We're creating beautiful, sweeping landscapes with epic conflict that deliver fun in a new way, every day.”

You can see the E3 trailer over on IncGamers TV. Stay tuned for more on this game when it is revealed at E3 this week.

By Bill Vaughan

Source: http://www.incgamers.com/News/

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Star Trek Online MMORPG Game Expected to be Released in Early 2010


According to IncGames, the expected launch date for the highly anticipated MMORPG, Star Trek Online, has been revealed in Atari's latest financial report.

Atari is hoping the MMORPG, which already has a huge following made up of Star Trek fans and online gamers, will benefit from the success of the J.J. Abrams Star Trek film that was released recently.

"Star Trek Online: with customizable ships and characters from the Klingon Empire and United Federation of Planets, ground, space and shipboard gameplay and unique options for player generated content set in the Star Trek universe, Star Trek Online is the MMORPG that allows gamers to boldly go where no one has gone before."

According to the report, which also revealed the expected launch date for the Xbox 360 version of Champions Online and announced the renaming of Infogrames, Star Trek Online is scheduled to be released by the end of Atari's fiscal year, which is March 2010.

By GustavoLeao

The original report is here.

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EVE Online Apocrypha


The best Sci-Fi MMO keeps getting better

CCP, the developers of EVE Online, have released their 11th content update or expansion called Apocrypha and if you only read the first sentence of the review to put it bluntly it makes this amazing game even better. This new expansion adds much to the overall game and should bring new gamers to the huge universe and even have some return to see what has been added. What exactly has been added includes new wormholes which can send you to unknown areas of space, new ships such as the T3 Strategic Cruisers, and new tutorials for the gamer new to EVE, new skill queue and more. It is an impress feat to add so much to an already massive universe.

The story of EVE Online is about as un-cliché and unique as you can expect in a video game now days and I take my hat off to the developers for not taking the easy route and making things plain, simple and boring. Basically the main races of the game all comes from what was once Earth and human kind had begun to explore the universe, but an apocalyptic event thousands of years ago cut off these civilizations from Earth and each other and now with advances in technology allowing them to interact things have begun to get interesting. There is a fragile peace in place but how long it lasts is anyone’s guess.

EVE Online is a beautifully complex game as there is no more complex Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) on the video game market that I have played and I have played a ton of them. But complex is not always a bad thing gameplay wise and with EVE Online that is certainly the case. Because in this case complex mean you need more patience and a good memory for what is happening than you would just running into the fray in your average crafty dungeon MMO game.

Like all other MMORPG’s and RPG’s you have a skill base which you add to one way or another. In EVE, you constantly train these skills by adding them to your Training Queue and you will begin to learn that specific skill set. Such as your ability to fly your ship better, mine with better equipment, fly bigger ships, and use new weapons and more. What makes EVE unique in this aspect is, even when you are offline you are still learning your skills and when real life is keeping you busy you would only need to log in once a day or two and add new skills to learn to your queue. Eventually skills begin to take longer and longer to learn but this is important because you will need to tweak your character to fit your play style.

You will spend the majority of your time in EVE Online in space flying from a space dock to an asteroid to mine, or even find something to blow up on your various missions given to you by the various agents in the galaxy. These missions can be simple delivery missions, mining and refinery missions to hunting and killing missions, which I find very hard but then again I am more of a player who builds and enjoys mining the cosmos of its natural resources.

In EVE Online you do not directly control your ship like other ship based MMORPG’s I have tried. While you do set your speed, warp, direction and more it is not a twitch based game but something more akin to playing a starship command game with you issuing commands and having the ship respond. Such commands are warp to within a certain distance, orbit an object or ship, dock, autopilot and many more. In the beginning this might seem to add to a slow game but when you realize that eventually you will be playing with giant cruisers and have a huge arsenal at your command you would not want to have a twitch game but what CCP has delivered with EVE Online.

To get the most out of EVE Online you should join, but it is not required for you anti-social gamers out there, a corporation, which is like a guild or clan from other MMORPG’s. Besides having other like minded individuals to assist you or even protect you it is always nice to have someone to talk to and compliment your skill base with theirs. You cannot build everything, shoot everything or even mine enough to become a powerful individual without spending a majority of your life in the game so it’s best to play with others if Universal conquest is your game.

There is so much gameplay wise to deal with in EVE Online that mentioning or attempting to even mention a small portion of the game would be futile. My second character is almost completely different from the first and whiles the initial missions are the same or similar after a few hours my miner and transport character is a completely different experience than my other character which I use to get into a few scraps with the fun but very hectic PvP (Player versus Player) experience. It is best to try the trial game and see if you can find yourself in this deep and rewarding game.

Graphics and Audio
EVE Online has always been a great looking and sounding title but you would expect that a game like this would begin to lose its beauty, but with periodic updates to the engine and art assets the game is still great looking and runs great. Every ship, space station, sector, asteroid, warp gate and more just looks amazing and in high detail with all the bells and whistles turned on the graphics begin to have this eerie realistic look to them. The games audio is great and it has to do mostly with how subtle the music and environmental sounds are which do their job and never overpower the gamer by sounding out of place or too strong or weak. EVE has this pure space based sci-fi visual and audio feast for you and you will enjoy it.

A MMORPG’s value is hard to give a real number to as some players may only play once a week, while others will sit down and grind their way through a games content for 8 hours a night and 18 hours on the weekend. But in the case of EVE Online and its incredible gameplay mechanics, rich universe and it is the type of game you actually accomplish something if you are playing for 30 minutes the game has an outstanding value for single player MMO players and especially for those more social gamers.

Bottom Line
I was an original beta tester for EVE Online way back in the day and loved it. Though at launch I did not buy it and subscribe right away, I was a Evercrack addict, I came back to it about a year later and have enjoyed it on and off since then. This new expansion makes it easier to get in to the game, but it is still a gigantic learning curve for some people and that is my only gripe as people without patience will not play it so you may be forced to find in-game friends to play with. This game was a must buy for MMORPG fans who are looking for a truly deep and expanding space based science fiction universe and after spending the last couple of weeks with it again I have to say it is a better buy today. Give the trial a spin and give the game a real chance to draw you into this incredible universe.

Source :http://www.gamefocus.ca By Brian Edey (Falelorn)

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Kerb mashes up football management and MMORPG for new online game


Digital agency Kerb has launched a browser-based multiplayer game that combines elements of football management games and MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games), called Sokator442.

Kerb was commissioned by entertainment media company Galleon Holdings to design and produce Sokator442, which will be promoted through a strategic seeding campaign being managed by Kerb’s in-house seeding agency, Hyperseed.

Sokator442 is an intergalactic football management game that blends tactical thinking and dynamic graphics, where players can progress over a period of time. Players assume the role of a manager, working to get their team to the top of the leagues.

There are seven continents in the MMORPG and each continent has a different environment -- from swamps to snowy mountains. From each of these continents, a different species of player has evolved with different qualities that managers combine to build a winning team.

All Sokatorgamers compete in five-a-side leagues, playing home and away games to earn the game currency, Space Bucks. Managers can buy and sell players as well as purchase special equipment to use on unfamiliar terrains. Gamers can also buy items to 'bling up’ their manager avatar.

Sokator442 is the first part of a multi-platform strategy that incorporates a live action TV show and animated content. The TV gameshow and the animated content will be distributed in China and the rest of the world to coincide with the Football World Cup in June 2010.

Sokator442 is free to play, with additional premium content and functionality available for a small fee, payable through a number of channels, including premium SMS, interactive voice response (IVR), PayPal and credit/debit card transactions.

For more information see the Kerb Web site.

Digital Arts Staff at http://www.digitalartsonline.co.uk

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The Hunt For Gollum : Independent Movie


Independent Online Cinema presents an unofficial and free high-concept Lord of the Rings prequel made for under $5,000. The film remains true to the style of Peter Jackson's films and the world of J.R.R. Tolkien. It tells of how Aragorn tracked down Gollum between The Hobbit & The Fellowship of the Ring.

The Hunt For Gollum : Independent Movie

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Matrix Online Closing In July After Four Years


An online community lead with Sony Online Entertainment said this week that the MMORPG The Matrix Online will be shutting down on July 31, after about four years of operation.

Matrix Online community lead Daniel Meyers wrote on the game's official forums: "Now we’ve seen how far the rabbit hole goes and it’s time to wake up from that dream (or go back to sleep, depending how you look at it). On July 31, 2009, we will be jacking out for the last time. It’s a bittersweet moment for everyone involved with the game; as a player or as a developer."

He called the game's longevity a "good run," particularly in light of other MMORPGs that have launched and quickly shut down during the course of The Matrix Online's life.

The Matrix Online launched in North America in March 2005, and was developed by Monolith. SOE picked up the rights to operate the title early in the game's life.

SOE will now concentrate its efforts on the rest of its portfolio, including its stalwart EverQuest franchise, the free-to-play Free Realms, the upcoming spy game The Agency, among others.

Kris Graft
Source: http://www.gamasutra.com

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Champions Online Delayed Previously scheduled for July 2009


The official website of Champions Online has word that this MMORPG is now due to ship on September 1st, for PC and Xbox 360. Thanks: Blues. Based on the popular pen-and-paper Champions RPG, Champions Online will offer a near infinite amount of character customization so that all players will have a unique game experience. Gamers will be able to create their hero's name, back story, costume, powers and abilities as well as design their own personal arch-enemy and his or her back story.

Source: http://www.gamershell.com

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Stargate Worlds

Stargate Worlds provides players with a form of ranged combat unique to MMORPG that will take full advantage of modern and science fiction weaponry, cover, and terrain. Players will be able to form squads with their friends or use bots for players who want to go solo. Squad leaders will control maneuvers and objectives through an innovative combat control interface. Players may choose to create characters that are members of either the SGC (the Good Guys) or the System Lords (the Bad Guys).

The combat will incorporate some elements that are familiar to players of first person shooters. Players will use an array of ranged weaponry of both earth and alien origin. Combat will emphasize tactics to defeat opponents both AI and human controlled. The AI is being designed to provide players a significant challenge.

The Stargate Worlds archetypes are very flexible in their abilities and usage. Players test out many abilities as they begin their character. Each archetype will have three specialization trees which will define a particular play style over time, although players will be able to mix and match skills from these. No end game instance will need a particular class to be successful, although the developers have yet to rule out a particular play style being necessary for certain instances.

The archetypes are currently Archaeologist, Asgard, Goa'uld, Jaffa, Scientist, Soldier, and Commando. With some time till the game is released, this is subject to change. Both the scientist and the archaeologist will excel in non-combat gameplay with various types of puzzles to solve and gain access to new advances. In addition, there are likely to be quests specifically for those and other archetypes.

Each archetype will have its own starting area. In addition to learning how to play the archetype, this starting zone will also give the player a backstory that comes from 6 seasons of Stargate SG-1.

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Warrior Epic Release Date


Expansive Multiplayer Universe Unlocks its Doors Following Beta Test Success
GOA and True Games have announced that Warrior Epic will be available in North America and Europe on May 19th.

Developed by Austin-based studio Possibility Space, Warrior Epic is a MMORPG in which you choose several warriors from a large group of specialized classes and play cooperative campaigns or slug it out with friends in PvP. One of the unique aspects of Warrior Epic is that death does not mean the end, but instead, it opens totally new and strategic options for players.

Source : http://www.gamershell.com/

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Russian mobile MMORPG Age of Heroes Online coming to iPhone


Age_of_Empires_Online_1The Russian mobile MMORPG Age of Heroes Online boasts over 35,000 subscribers on its native shores, and will now serve as an iPhone debut for developer Qplaze.

What's particularly exciting - other than Age of Heroes Online finally becoming available to English speaking territories - is that Qplaze's hit MMORPG will hopefully be a cross-platform game. It seems the Russian developer will be using the launch of its second server to host games for the English-speaking regions, which should service both the Java and iPhone communities along with an increase of the game's level cap, addition of new locations and introduction of a new game race.

Age of Heroes Online is a fantasy game of quite epic proportions, with no time or space limits, packed with maps, missions, exploration and adventure. It features three races (each with a unique set of features and skills),nine classes with completely different approaches to battle and world exploration, and more than one hundred creatures, warriors and monsters that can join your army.

The Russian J2ME version currently requires a subscription, so in all likelihood the iPhone translation might not become available until the 3.0 firmware update, which will allow publishers to employ micro-transaction in their games. We'll be keeping a close eye on the iPhone adaptation of Age of Heroes Online (check out the official site here), so don't go far.

From the developer:

At the moment Age of Heroes Online is the largest multi-player mobile project within CIS uniting more than 35 000 registered users. The project is constantly developing and growing. Among the nearest planned innovations is the launch of the second, English-speaking server of Age of Heroes Online developed with a glance at requirements of European mobile operators and also a range of updates to the game itself.

New client will allow iPhone users to easily and comfortably join the ranks of Age of Heroes Online players. The client is planned to be released in the second half-year of 2009.

Some numbers and facts on Age of Heroes Online:
  • The number of unique maps in the current game version exceeds 300, with more than 80 types of different buildings and objects;
  • 14 different types of surroundings and game landscape that visually illustrate the difference between game races, and more than 30 types of battlefields completely depending on type of landscape;
  • Game includes more than 100 creatures with most of which player can not only fight but also hire them to his army;
  • In the world of Age of Heroes Online exist more than 500 different magic objects and artifacts all of which can be found, bought or gained by player in battle;
  • All creatures taking part in battles have their own features and special abilities that allows to use difficult tactical schemes in battle.
  • Player can choose from 9 heroes of 3 different races which have more than 50 unique abilities available for development.
Source : http://iphoneotaku.com/

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Perfect World Announces E3 2009 Game Line-Up


Perfect World Entertainment Inc. announced its lineup of online video games to debut at the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), June 2-4 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Among its showcase of games, Perfect World Entertainment will publicly debut two new titles and provide a sneak preview of an unannounced game in West Hall, Booth #4956.

“We are excited to make our first appearance at the Electronic Entertainment Expo and for the opportunity to showcase several new titles that will continue to strengthen our growing portfolio of top-quality games,” said Dr. Alan Chen, CEO of Perfect World Entertainment Inc. “Our games have consistently raised the bar of what is expected of the free-to-play experience and our new product offerings are no exception. Our E3 lineup demonstrates our vision and capacity to produce high quality and innovative gaming experiences that appeal to a broad audience of gamers.”

Perfect World Entertainment today launched its E3 preview site, which contains additional information and new game play trailers for its E3 game line-up. The E3 preview site can be viewed at: http://www.perfectworld.com/e3_2009.

Perfect World Entertainment’s E3 line-up of exciting new PC and free-to-play games includes:

TORCHLIGHT - From the creators of Diablo and Fate, Runic Games presents a fresh take on action RPGs with Torchlight. The discovery of a rich vein of powerful but dangerous magic ore has turned the sleepy village of Torchlight into a thriving boomtown. Players risk their lives to explore randomly arranged dungeons in a variety of treacherous and exciting settings, learning spectacular skills and finding the most exquisite and powerful treasures. Scheduled to launch as a single player game in late 2009, Torchlight will later continue as an MMORPG. A sneak preview will be available at E3.

JADE DYNASTY - The martial arts inspired MMORPG is the newest from Perfect World Beijing and makes its playable public debut at E3. Jade Dynasty features a unique martial arts game play style wrapped in a huge, evolving game world. As players begin their quest to uncover the secrets of immortality their choices between good and evil begin to shape their game play experience as they obtain different skills, items and a story that is unique to every player.

ETHER SAGA ONLINE - Based on one the four great classic novels of Chinese literature, Journey to the West, Ether Saga Online combines lavish graphics with an anime art style and a plethora of unique features and systems that make it truly one of a kind. A fresh new Integrated Quest and Navigation System allows players to seamlessly progress and locate friends effortlessly, while adventuring through the expansive world. Players capture and tame a large variety of pets, which help gain levels and access to new abilities for even greater customization.

PERFECT WORLD INTERNATIONAL - Perfect World International has more than 50 million players worldwide and is one of the most successful 3D MMORPGs to ever be released. Perfect World International boasts a level of artistic elegance unlike other games of its genre and offers an immersive online world that players enter free of charge. It features one of the most in-depth character creation interfaces in any game, numerous quests full of lore and depth, and an extensive selection of items and fashions.

Source at http://www.gamezone.com/

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All Hail the WonderKing


NDOORS Interactive today officially announced their newest title, WonderKing. Planned for release in the second half of 2009, WonderKing is an unconventional MMORPG from the developer Ryu&Soft that is designed for gamers of all skill level. The beta is scheduled to launch early this summer.

“With the success of Atlantica Online and Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu in the US, we feel the market is eager for a variety of MMO games,” said Peter Kang, CEO of NDOORS Interactive.“WonderKing’s introduction to the North American market will offer a truly encapsulating experience for gamers of every taste and preference.”

WonderKing is a 2D, side-scrolling MMORPG that takes players on an adventurous journey with story-by-story quests, much like a fantasy novel. Along the way, players will travel from beautiful beaches to murky marshlands and frigid snowfields as they battle to save the world. Don’t let the lack of a third dimension fool you, as this game is a highly developed MMORPG, including features such as:

• Home Town System: Players can personally decorate a private room where they can rest and store items and trophies.

• Pet System: Adorable, loyal AI animals will aid in hunting, item collecting, and other tasks.

• Class Change: The game allows players to focus their character’s abilities and change between classes to learn powerful techniques (mage, swordsman, thief, and scout).

• Mounts and Vehicles: Get moving with a variety of vehicles to ride and animals to mount, providing boosts to attack and defense.

• Castle Battles: Engage in PvP battles using siege warfare across castles.

• Crafting and Cooking: Weapons, food, and potions can be made to give players an edge in battle.

Designed for gamers of all ages, WonderKing is set in a vibrantly colorful world and features some of the most uniquely creative character designs and gorgeous graphics in any game. As with all of NDOORS’ titles, the game is 100% free-to-play.

For more information on WonderKing or to view the teaser trailer and sign-up to receive more information for the beta, visit: http://www.playwonderking.com

About NDOORS Interactive

NDOORS Interactive is the U.S. subsidiary of Korea-based NDOORS Corp., which develops and publishes online games. NDOORS’ popular online games include the Strategic Turn-Based MMORPG, Atlantica Online, the political and economic MMORPG Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu and the time traveling strategic RPG, Time N Tales. More information is available at http://www.ndoors.com/eng.

By Joe Ziemer, TriplePoint for NDOORS at http://www.developmag.com/

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