Fusion fall

FusionFall is an MMOG set in a re-imagined Cartoon Network universe. As a kid in this world, players will team up with other players and Cartoon Network characters to defend it from an alien invasion of epic proportions. The game is a mix of all the action of a 3-D console platform game and all the customization, character development and open-ended world exploration of an MMORPG (massively multi-player online role-playing game).

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America's Army | Cheats Codes |


America's Army Cheats Codes

Cheat Mode

NOTE: This involves editing a game file so create a backup copy before proceeding.

Use a text editor to open armyops.ini file in the system folder of the game directory. Find the phrase [Engine.GameEngine] and add this line:

bMPCheats=Enabled 2

Now you can press the TILDE key while playing to display the developer console.

behindview1: enable third person view
mpcheat ghost: no clipping mode on
mpcheat changeclass : Weapon select

Weapon codes
ak: AK47
ak74su: AK74SU
ar: SAW
f: Fists
g: M16A2 with grenade launcher
gp: AK47 with grenade launcher
m4a1: M4A1
r: Grenades
rpk: OpFor machine gun
s: M81 sniper
s24: M24 sniper
svd: Dragonov sniper rifle
Submitted by bunji

Cheat: Skip All Courses

Use a text editor to edit your profile name file in the \system\save folder in the game directory. Find this line: 1, 15, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0,
Replace it with this line: 511, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 0
Submitted by ageha's cute butt

Cheat: Sniper View On All Weapons
NOTE: You must be in a server that is running cheats to do this trick.

Type mpcheat changeclass s at the console window then go into scopemode with the sniper rifle. While using the scope's view type mpcheat changeclass . You will change to the gun you selected and still be in scope view.
Submitted by sergeant slaughter

Cheat: Unlimited Ammo
Here is another cheat for unlimited ammo: mpcheat paramsammo 1
Submitted by dashizz327

Easter Egg: Prison Goodies
Start the game with cheats enabled and send yourself to the Leavenworth prison by committing an ROE offence. Use the mpcheat ghost code to look around the other cells for some easter eggs set-up by the dev team. This is for version 2.5 of the game.
Submitted by CVFlood

Cheat source: http://cheats.ign.com/ob2/068/482/482289.html

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Fate | Cheats Codes |


! Cheats !


To use cheats, press shift, control, and ~ keys simultaneously.

A "?" will appear on the left side of the screen and you will be unable to move.

Type the name of an item, or creature to create it, such as "flawless goldfish". Be sure to use correct spelling.

Type "ascend " or "descend " and a number to change levels such as "ascend 3" to go up three levels.

Type God to level up 10 times

Type gold to receive 500,000 gold pieces.

Type levelup to level up.

Type fame to gain 1,000 fame.

Type experience to gain 5,000 exp.

Type fate statue to summon a fate statue (chance of getting 2 gem artifacts, or a boss monster).

Type magic anvil to summon a magic anvil (can boost your item's stats, or remove all, or do nothing).

Type heal to heal your character.

Type dumpmap to save the map.

Type Shrine of Learning to create a shrine that will either have positive or negative affects on the character's skills.

Type fountain of mana, stamina, wellness, or health to replenish.

Type either weapon rack, storage trunk, small chest or large chest to summon it (cannot be activated). --Thanks Aldoria for more cheats than previously shown.

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Neopets | Cheats Codes |


- Neopets Cheats -

Neopoints Hack

Set the time to 11:59 p.m. and wait one minute to have the game think it is another day. This is a quick way to get the neopoints From the games and the trophies, and to refill the shop without having to sleep until the next day. After you do this, change the time and date back to their original setting

Make 5000 a day
buy lots of Spicy wings and lots of Hot Cakes and mix them up in the cooking pot and when you buy them pay no more than 30 np each. Then go and put them in the shop for 85 np!!!.

Duplication Cheat
1.) Go into Your Inventory. 2.) Click on an item that you want to duplicate. 3.) Right-click on the page that pops up and view the source. Copy and paste that source into an HTML section of your own free website. (You can get free websites right here at Neopets.) 4.) Change where it says "Select Action" to "Give To [Your User name Here]" (near bottom). 5.) Go to the website, and press "submit"!

Codes for the hide and seek
Go to the library or the tree, then click any were then click Tab then enter then keep repeating.

Nerkmid cheat
Buy a Nerkmid anyone then put it up for auction then use it and you still get the money from the auction and you get the nerkmid but you USE the nerkmid.

Mystery Money Cheat
Ok, this one is simple, but risky, but sometimes worth it. Now, sign up, as a teenager, then go to Terror Mountain, then to the Ice Caves, then, go to the kiosk game, and play it.

Free Chocolate Lupes
10:00 p.m. - 10:05 p.m., (eastern time) the Lupe Pack donates hundreds of chocolate lupes to the money tree! Free Neopoints!

Easy money

If you neglect your Neopet, the game will give you free money. You cannot touch the game for a day.

Best Time To Shop
The best time to shop is from 3:00 AM (Eastern Time!) to 7:00 AM (Eastern Time!) There wont be as much people then and the Neopets Shops have items longer which means more time to browse, But don't dawdle.

Pet Combos
Mongmong + Snorkle = Moink
Poppit + Spyder = Spoppy
Angelpuss + Triffen = Blooky
To get a bigger mallet type in "a5paragu5"
Tug-O-War Passwords
Theibos= lrslsts
Khadir= sltltsr
Ramset= sslrtrl
Horak= lrlrss

Good luck !

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Fallen earth

A collective cross-media experience beginning with a massively imagined online game that thrusts you into a post-collapse Earth in about 150 years from now.
Fallen Earth puts you face-to-face (and weapon-to-weapon!) with our own world’s greatest nightmares: genetically modified beasts… altered and mutated humans… technologies beyond imagination

All within the daily struggle for subsistence and survival… in the ruins of the old world, and the promise of the new. The game starts with the Hoover Dam Enclave, an area chosen by the local survivors for its access to unlimited energy, water, as well as its apparent isolation from all major disease centers...

During the twilight years the enclave built scattered self-contained Outposts – “Posts” – where pockets of technological prowess were preserved from the times before the Fall… some with networks to reconnect so other enclaves around the globe might not be that far away after all…

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Endless ages


The Endless Ages Trading Post is a combination of an account management system and an item trading area. Be sure to check it out and explore all of its features. While logged into the trading post you can do things such as change your password, email address and view account information, as well as purchase tokens that can be used to trade for items such as Classic Jet Packs.

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Empire of Sports

Empire of Sports is the first massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) in real time 3D entirely built around sports.

Empire of Sports is entirely around sport, designed to allow players around the world to simultaneously exist in an online universe, where their alter egos socially interact, train, compete, attend events and acquire the goods and services they need to build a parallel sporting existence.

Starting first in Europe and then in Asia, this new role playing game will unroll to enable millions of players across the globe to meet in a persistent 3D world, to interact socially, to challenge one another in sporting competition, and even to rise to star status.

Each player starts by creating his virtual representation (his avatar), choosing its appearance in terms of gender, hair style and colour, and facial features. He will then customize its appearance and evolve its virtual body and abilities.
Cities are where players meet each other, exchange items and tips, become popular, follow the news about Empire of Sports and the outside world (real life sports news) and access the different sports and activities within the Game – starting with fitness training, athletics, tennis, skiing, bobsleigh, basketball and football. Others will follow in due course.

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Dreamlords is a Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy game currently in development by Lockpick Entertainment. Dreamlords is a persistent world in which victories and hard work will not pass unnoticed. Everything gained will make the player stronger for the next encounter.

Dreamlords is a massively multiplayer game that combines the accessibility of a web game with RPG character development, RTS battles and long term tactical strategy.

Players assume the role of the mystical Dreamlords, magical entities that spawn from the nightmares of the Dreamer himself. The Dreamer is the centre core of the universe, fuelling all things with the power of life, the gnosis, the focused attention of the Dreamer.

Although Dreamlords may empower forceful methods on its subjects their presence are always welcome as they have the power to provide goals and guidance for a fragmented piece of the tired old world. These pieces of lands, home to hardened populations of survivors controlled by a Dreamlord are known as Patrias, the fatherland. The success of each patria is totally depending on the capability of its Dreamlord. The war is on, the war for existence.

Dreamlords Gameplay

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Day Of Defeat

Day of Defeat is a 3D multiplayer shooter that simulates squad-level infantry combat between the adversaries of World War II's European Theatre; the Allies or the Axis Powers. The goal is to complete various mission objectives.

Players can choose between Allied armies, Axis armies, or British armies depending on the map. In Day of Defeat:Source there are only the American and German armies.

A round begins with two opposing teams starting simultaneously in their respective spawn area of a map. A round ends when one team accomplishes all of its objectives.

Player casualties become reinforcements which are supplied according to a timer. The reinforcements originate at spawn and can be composed of anywhere from 1 soldier to the entire team. The reinforcement timer is usually between 10-20 seconds, but this time may vary from server to server.

Like other Half-Life mods, Day of Defeat tracks each player's accomplishment in team objectives, how many enemies each player has eliminated and how many times each player has died. The game also tallies these statistics for the entire team, this reflects the team's score which is primarily based on objectives.

After many rounds, the game ends when a set time limit expires, and the team with the most objectives achieved is the winning team regardless of kills or casualties, except in the case where both teams have not achieved any objectives or are tied in the objective score. The scoreboard is displayed and the game is restarted with another map.

In Day of Defeat gamers team-up to form elite squads for quick strike combat and rugged warfare through historically accurate World War II locations. Powered by Valve's Half-Life technology, the game's multiplayer scenarios drop players into the boots of either a U.S. or an all-new British troop, or a German division of soldiers for intense Allied vs. Axis battles throughout Western Europe. Gamers play as one of several classes of soldiers, including snipers, infantry, machine gunners, riflemen and sergeants, as they are tasked to complete missions and goals unique to each playable battlefield.

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Enjoy the smooth and flowing gameplay, the fast paced action, and the highly responsive controls. Darkfall is a next generation MMORPG that combines real-time action and real-time strategy in a fantasy setting.

Darkfall is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in development by Aventurine SA that combines real-time action and strategy in a fantasy setting. The game is expected to feature unrestricted PvP, full looting, a huge, dynamic game world that evolves in response to player actions, and a player skill dependent combat system free of the class and level systems that typify most MMORPGs.

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Dawnspire: Prelude

Dawnspire: Prelude is a team-based online action-rpg set in an original fantasy world. The game focuses on teamplay, tactics and player skill, all put into a frenzied and exciting mix to bring a new angle to the gaming experience you normally find in action-rpg's.

The RPG backbone of the game is equally straightforward. After registering a free account, you go through a quickie character-creation process where you think up a name, pick from a traditional D&D-style crew of classes that includes stand-ins for the tried-and-true cleric, mage, thief, fighter, and barbarian, and then dole out skill points among standard stat categories like health and mana. Combat is fairly simplistic for the most part, too, although in addition to melee battles with traditional fantasy accoutrements like swords and staves, you also need to astutely use a handful of class-specific special powers like the templar's clericlike heal and angelic armor, the seeker's barbarian-style berserker fury and bullrush, and the witch's nature's wrath and plague of weakness spells. All of these skills are chosen during character creation, either by custom-selecting them or by picking from two or three default loadouts.

Essentially, this is the sort of click-to-kill game you can pick up and get playing in about five minutes. But even though it has been designed for action fans who always select their RPGs from the light menu, the confined, island-style maps and rock-paper-scissors interaction of the character classes can add a lot of intensity and strategy to matches. Teamwork is vital, as characters left on their own can get shredded. You need to think of teams as you would standard D&D parties, which means that a witch needs the brute force of the melee-fighting reaver on her side, a templar requires healing and buffing skills whenever sending a seeker or a shadowblade assassin into battle, and so on. Forget this basic rule and you can get into trouble fast. You really don't want to leave a templar alone against a reaver, especially when he gets his whirlwind attack going.

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Dark And Light

Set in a medieval fantasy world, Dark and Light takes you on an online role-playing adventure against players around the world. As your own customized character, you can travel on 15,000 miles of land divided into 10 kingdoms. Choose your weapons, magic, and supplies, and then set off on three expansive quests. The game encourages you to explore a variety of locations on land, in space, underground, and even underwater. Within each city and kingdom, you'll encounter many unique creatures.

The world of Dark and Light is so huge that you can actually get lost in it. You can spend hours just exploring and enjoying the wonderful views of bright deserts, snowy mountain peeks and dark caverns. Unfortunately, this big beautiful world is pretty much empty.

The environment may never stop impressing, but the character models certainly do. They do not make good use of the current technology and their animations are at times silly. In fights your character sometimes swings his sword in circles above his head before hitting the enemy. The characters do a disservice to the environments they populate.

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Control Monger

Control Monger is a team based online first person shooter for up to 255 players, with 7 player types (Repair, heavy, construction, sniper, demolition, soldier & spy bot), multiple modes of play on each map (CTF, KoTH, DM etc.), and supports custom made maps.

In an age of death and destruction. Where love, life and happiness have no meaning. There is a world where mankind has been pushed to its limits and the only thing that matters is total control. The quest for riches has lift the universe a shatered and battle torn arena of combat. Sociaty has been deminished to nothing more then combat units blasting across the plant sides distorying everything that stands in there path.

The wars have been going on for so long that everyone has forgot about richs and the combat itself has become a way of life.Valuable things have lost there luster and control has become the new from of value.If you dont have something you want then you just take it, how needs money anyways when you have power.Armed with huge mechanical pods of carnage this never ending battle rages on between the two great houses of the land.

Choice to fight on the side of the great house Khan and there empire built on there galactic gold trade OR pick to fight on the side of House Lo witch made there riches off of silver. No matter witch side your on you need to get ready for the adventure of a life time in your quest for control.

Do you have what it takes to crush your enemies while you laugh in the face of death? Many have tried and they all died! Will you be next to rule the world? Will you be the..........Control Monger!?

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Bounty Bay Online

Bounty Bay Online - The Nautic Century takes place in the time of explorers and pirates. In historically accurate places and in an ever changing political climate the Bounty Bay Online player experiences the time of the 14th to 16th century.

In Bounty Bay Online it´s the players that write history! Similar to the great explorers, buccaneers and pirates of old times, the players have to write the history of Bounty Bay Online.

In the wake of legends like James Cook , Christopher Columbus and other similar heroes of the time, you can discover new fauna and flora. You have to fight against fierce animals and battle against outlaws and mythical creatures from all cultures. Governors and other influental personalities hand out important assignments to boost the glory and fame of their subjects. With their help you can advance your career and maybe one day get a peerage. In the end, you may be responsible for the political fate of the nation.

If you are sailing alone in your merchant ship or are part of a larger convoy, you always have to keep an eye out for the dreaded pirates and either avoid pirate infested waters or protect yourself with heavy escorts to reach your destination port alive. As a pirate that knows no authority, you have to avoid cities with too many trained guards. Secret bays and caves are your home and protect you between your raids.

Pirates, Merchants & Explorers takes players into a fifteenth century historical setting. Adventurers can start an online career as merchant, buccaneer, fisherman or one of many other professions. Players fight on land and water, complete enthralling quests and found guilds with other players.

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Champions Online

Champions Online is based on the popular pen-and-paper Champions RPG, giving players the power of total customization of their hero experience while they explore a vast universe of richly detailed 3D environments.

Earth's first and best line of defense is its heroes. For generations, brave men and women have answered the call to protect the world from the villains who threaten its safety and security.

Today, organizations such as VIPER, ARGENT and PSI use both superpowers and super technology in their dastardly plots to control the world. Creatures from outer space and other dimensions seek to enslave humanity. The dread Takofanes wields dark magicks of unspeakable power. Super scientist Teleios is creating an army of clones and superpowered constructs to do his bidding, while the robot Mechanon makes plans to cleanse the planet of all organic life.

The greatest threat of all is Doctor Destroyer. A superhuman genius driven to conquer, Destroyer will not stop until all of humanity bends knee to his greatness. In 1992, Destroyer obliterated the city of Detroit and killed thousands. With years to prepare, his next attack is sure to put the entire planet in peril.

Led by The Champions, protectors of Millennium City, the world's heroes have launched a crusade for peace, security and justice. But they need allies. Defender is calling for a new generation of superheroes to fight in a war against evil that spans the globe — and beyond.

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