Metal Knight Zero online

Based on the near future world view, Metal Knight Zero, an FPS online game take the modern high-tech war as its theme. It is formed by the elements of realistic artistic style, realistic physical system, realistic weapons and equipment, special carrier system, dominion system and a lot of other factors adopted on network. The background time of MKZ is 2010-2020. The story is based on that of Metal Knight. At that time, large-scale combat robots were invented. The relations between countries with strong military forces are complex. After the combat robots are introduced into warfare, they arouse global terror and military conflicts. The scenarios are designed mainly taking modern Asian metropolises, new cities and their outskirts around the Persian Gulf as reference. Most weapons are active service weapons. Some weapons which are still in the laboratory (e.g. FN SCAR, XM8, and XM110) are also available. Players can also have an opportunity to use some combat robots.

The lightning of the scenarios adopts a combination of lighting map and real-time lighting. It provides more realistic lighting effects. HDR lighting effect and Glow effect are available.

The game supports high-level and low-level real-time shadow effect so that users can make a choice between quality and performance. The advanced shadow supports realistic and smooth shadow effect. The convenient and efficient skeletal animation system supports seamless transition between action frames and between actions. It supports mixed actions, software or hardware accelerated transformation and geometry instancing of static models.

The models support advanced rendering technologies such as gloss mapping,normal mapping,parallax occlusion mapping and soft self-shadow. With the help of expandable texture system, the artists can edit the models easily. There will be four branches of service namely the rifleman, the marksman, the medic and the heavy trooper. Their existence enables collaboration and various tactics. A single branch cannot do everything in the game. Players must use their features and collaborate with proper tactics. Players will also focus on the special weapons of them.


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