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After NC Soft has finally confirmed the release of the highly anticipated epic MMORPG, Aion, LOTR MMORPG is proud to present members with an all new exclusive Aion subdomain. This new subdomain located at http://www.lotrmmorpg.com/aion is the place to be for Aion players and would-be players because it will be a gathering spot for all Aion enthusiasts to be able to find out more about the game, receive news updates and find useful references and links that are most valuable towards Aion. It is a highly recommended page for Aion players to add to their web browser's bookmark.

Similar to LOTR MMORPG, there will be various sections in the subdomain pertaining to different purposes; these include: a forum, a news page, a page containing the basic info and strategies of the game, some game guides and articles that may prove useful, game walkthroughs, multimedia galleries, a list of useful links and much more. As a site that has been providing invaluable info regarding Lord of the Rings Online for quite a while, the Aion subdomain will not fall short of this and perhaps may even soar past the success of LOTR MMORPG's original site!

Aion is an innovative massively multiplayer online role-playing game that NC Soft has set to officially release in the US and EU on September 22nd, 2009 and on September 25nd, 2009 respectively. The game has been long-awaited for in the US and EU because the Asian servers have received tremendous success and positive feedback. The game contains many unique features but the two most prominent are the fact that players will be able to grow wings and fly once they have reached the Daeva status and also the introduction of a newly thought-up game mechanic referred to as the Stigma system, which allows players to fine-tune their characters through the use of complementary skills called Stigma. Because of these two innovative features, the game is sure to provide an all-new gaming experience, especially in the aerial combat system.

If you are one who is interested in Aion, be sure to check out LOTR MMORPG's new subdomain at http://www.lotrmmorpg.com/aion to see for yourself and find out more about this landmark MMORPG that is definitely all the rage right now in Asia and is soon to have a similar effect in a neighborhood near you within a few days' time!

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Wow Gold said...

NIce blog. I liked it.

aion kinah said...

For sure Aion will be successful, I've read a lot of positive feedback about this game and it's good to know LOTR MMORPG provides updates and useful information.

mmorpg games said...

Nice move, since Aion is likely going to be a big hit.

Jay said...

Let's see how it goes.


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